Hello! I'm Suzannah, a serious DIYer and mom of two little ones. Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals.
I believe you can love your home just the way it is, AND have the power to design and make big changes to make it better.
I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

Real food recipes

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Strawberry pumpkin protein smoothie

Blackberry coconut lime protein smoothie

Homemade coconut-ey Lara style bars w/ extra protein

All natural peanut butter & jelly raspberry protein smoothie

Cranberry vanilla almond gluten free protein bars

Real food, all natural gluten-free protein bars

Real food, dairy-free or whey protein shake

Raspberry mango lime salsa

Homemade butternut squash chips

Super tea! w/ pastured collagen protein

Smoked salmon cucumber lettuce cups

Real food dairy-free protein shake recipe

Dried cranberry & pork meatballs

Prosciutto-wrapped dried figs with walnuts

Stuffed mushrooms with bell pepper/bacon

Homemade dried apple and pear chips

Grain-free fresh fig homemade "crackers"


Pure olive oil, fig vinegar, & beet salad

Paleo Thai-style green beans w/ peanut sauce

Rosemary balsamic roasted acorn squash

Classic lemon garlic zucchini

Roasted green beans, radishes, & potatoes

Strawberry & sautéed shallot salad

Oregon raspberry and Marionberry salad

How to bake anything - savory roasted veggies

Whole food naturally sweet cranberry sauce

Easy Thai red curry butternut squash soup

Slightly spicy roasted Brussels sprouts

Simple Paleo sweet potato salad


Collagen protein-added gluten-free oatmeal

Simple maple coconut protein granola

Pregnancy-friendly enhanced Bulletproof Coffee

Chilaquiles with fresh roja & verde salsas

Grain-free naturally sweetened Paleo pancakes

Baked eggs in spaghetti squash

Goldenrod Eggs--made grain-free, dairy-free

Weekday breakfast Paleo crustless quiche

Easy Paleo breakfast egg muffins


Easy, satisfying sausage & greens soup

Mussel & clam soup/chowder - Paleo

Veggie-dense Paleo chili

Spiced broiled salmon with lime butter

Real food Paleo-friendly Shepherd's Pie


Paleo strawberry dessert "pizza"

Hazelnut & frozen blackberry tart (Paleo)

Grain-free molasses ginger cookies

Paleo pumpkin bread with collagen protein

Grain-free, Paleo rustic fresh fig tart

Simple Paleo flourless chocolate cake

Dairy-free cherry vanilla ice cream

Piña colada coconut milk panna cotta

Berry lemon panna cottas w/ coconut milk

Rich, cakey Paleo beet brownies

Grain-free cranberry apple tart

Double layer pumpkin brownie bars, Paleo

Honey basil chip coconut milk ice cream

Chunky, fudgy Paleo brownies

Cinnamon blueberry coconut milk ice cream

Homemade chocolate coconut truffles

Basic coconut milk panna cotta with ginger

Classic, easy real food rice pudding

Dairy free chocolate chia shake

Grain-free classic apple and pear crumble

Dairy-free Paleo sweet potato ice cream

Homemade chocolate "candied" orange peels

Grain-free chocolate chip sunbutter cookies

Grain-free Paleo chocolate cupcakes

French chocolate mousse - dairy-free

Homemade almond butter cups


Homemade pumpkin pie spice blend

Cashew/sunflower seed butter

Mirepoix and what to do with it

DIY food processor coconut butter

Whole food baking substitutions

DIY all-natural Paleo-friendly ketchup

Homemade almond butter and almond meal


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