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From-scratch sink skirt tutorial

The sink skirt is back! It's not just to hide unattractive plumbing; it can add so much charm and softness to an otherwise standard-feeling bathroom. I added a floral block print sink skirt to the pedestal sink in our recent basement bathroom project and it made it so much more fun!

I started my sink skirt journey by turning two shower curtains into sink skirts for my friend @ciarakenaston. It was a genius idea of hers--clearance West Elm Heather Taylor Home big gingham shower curtains, sturdy fabric and great colors. You can see the stories here and the finished product here

Making a sink skirt from a shower curtain is by far easier than what I did for our bathroom. I highly recommend that shortcut route! They come hemmed on all three sides; all you have to do is add a casing at the top for elastic or gathering and attach it with velcro. But if you want to pick your fabric (even use a lighter weight fabric) and make something totally custom... this tutorial will tell you how!

Sink Skirt Tutorial

You will need:


1. Measure and cut/tear the outer fabric and lining to size. For me this was two panels of each. Allow about 3" at the top and bottom of the outer fabric. 

2. Sew large pieces together. I didn't want a pattern join in the center front of my sink skirt so I cut one panel in half lengthwise and pieced it on either side. 

3. Hem and finish both sides of the lining and outer fabric. I did a small hem on the lining and all four sides and a larger hem on the outer fabric to add some weight.

4. Fold and hem the top of the outer fabric over a single layer of the lining, creating a nice flat sandwich of three lightweight layers. 

5. Sew three gathering rows, evenly spaced, through the three-layer hem. I used this method instead of threading elastic through for less bulk and less stuff to buy. Aside from a few minutes of nerve-wracking coaxing and gathering (see second photo), this was an easier, better method than the elastic one (which I did on my first sink skirts).

6. Gather toward the center from either side, pulling the top threads tight.

7. Cut the adhesive hook and loop tape to length (around your sink) and attach the hook side to the sink. My sink happened to have a nice ledge here that I used as a guide to keep it even but you could use a small level if yours doesn't.

8. Marking center front, distribute your gathers and stick the loop side down onto the back of the gathers.

Just stick it on! So satisfying!

Just had to show a photo of this bathroom as I was adding and installing things, right before the sink skirt... fine, but nothing special.

Transformed! (See the full reveal and cost breakdown here.)

I love it and it's so pretty and fun! AND it hides the extra toilet paper! ;)

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