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Top Sewing Circle Questions

Sewing Circle is a feature I do to help readers make the perfect dress or garment, find a use for some special fabric, or get comfortable making a tricky style. While I often get Sewing Circle questions about how to make something a reader saw in a store, online, or in a movie, the most useful questions for other readers to see are the ones about how to sew on lace, how to sew with a lining, how to cut out the right pattern size, or recommendations for some good beginner sewing patterns.

I try to answer your Sewing Circle dilemmas! Basically, you send me an email or write on Facebook with your question, then I write back with my thoughts and, generally, a long list of patterns that might work. Sometimes I write up a post about it and share it as a Sewing Circle piece, and other readers chip in their ideas! It's great to get lots of folks' thoughts, because often they've seen something else that works great! Note that it sometimes takes me up a few weeks to get back to you if I'm swamped, so no last-minute projects, please!

**Before you write me your question, please do a little research yourself. I start out by perusing Simplicity, Vogue, the other big pattern companies, as well as great smaller ones like Colette. I also check BurdaStyle. Please look around there yourself, if you have the sewing knowledge to know what kind of pattern you're looking for, before emailing me--you never know, the perfect pattern could be staring you in the face if you just look for it!

There are some questions I get more often than others, so let me list my answers to them for you all in one place!

Common Sewing Circle Questions:

Basic Sewing Info:

Fabric Tips:

Pattern/Style Ideas:

Hope that list gives you a good start!!

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