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Easy DIY fabric covered lampshades (and the block print sconce shades I love!)

I am really pumped about this project!!! After my successful spray adhesive/Indian block print cotton DIY Roman shade, I knew I could do this... it was even easier. I covered the shades of the sconces by our bed with a beautiful patterned cotton for a totally unique look!

Funnily, this is not the first time I've done this... in 2013 I did basically the same method on a thrifted lampshade and shared about it here, though I didn't show any step-by-step photos. Ha! This project is much cooler, anyway! 

DIY fabric covered lampshade tutorial

You will need:

That's it! Really short list! I did this outside with a helpful toddler playing in the mud and sand around me... not recommended. But it's nice to do it outside for ventilation and not getting spray adhesive mist on anything.


1. Iron! I didn't pre-wash this fabric since I'll never wash the shades, but it still needed a good pressing.

2. Position your shade/dry fit on the fabric. I had done this before ordering to approximate the yardage, but this is more precise. Figure out where your shade will start. I put the straight grain of the fabric on the front of the shade, opposite the back seam.

Roll it around a couple times the whole way around to get a feel for how you'll do it when it's sticky. (This would be much easier on a drum shade which doesn't have a curve.)

3. Spray some adhesive on one part (I started at the seam) and roll. Roughly cut, with an extra couple inches, just so you can keep the fabric sticking where you want it without creating a big rolled mess.

More rough cuts around the edges.

The only tricky part of this project is just getting the fabric to lay nice and flat as you stick, but you can lift it up and re-stick it once or twice in parts if you have to. Smooth from the inside out/up/down.

4. Cut close to the edges, like within 3/4" or 1" (top, bottom, and side seam). Fold the seam over so there's no raw edge showing, and glue down with Tacky Glue. (The spray adhesive is too messy at this scale--you'd get it on the outside of the fabric nearby.)

Run a line of Tacky Glue inside the shade and press the fabric down. Here the raw edges didn't bother me since they won't show even if the shade turns a bit or you see it from the side. 

At the top, you may need to snip to work around the frame. Just one snip, and fold/glue.

That's it!!!!! SO simple! And easy, too, as long as you have a nice large, flat surface and press well first. 

They add so much to our room! Which is still not "done" and I want to add more interest and pattern. I have an extra yard or more of the block print and I might make matching pillows. Lean toward that English country floral maximalist look.

I'd love to see if you try this!! I have a reel tutorial about it as well if you prefer video.

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