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The solution to our dining room rug problem (and a discount code!)

Ah, the old question--can a dining room look "finished" without a rug?? I know the answer is yes, for modern spaces, small spaces, round tables, and other creative looks, but for our house--NO!

Thanks to Ruggable for providing this rug for my review!

Before our kitchen reno we pulled up the ivory stripe rug I had in here when I finished the dining room... I just couldn't handle worrying about it anymore! I LOVED the look of it, but people walk through this room all the time, and we were about to have a couple months of kitchen reno dust and paint and who knows what else, and then tackle the bathroom... ivory was not the right choice.

We were rug-less for a while. It never looked right. (The piles of mail and to-dos that have collected on the dining table during the chaos of the kitchen and bathroom renos didn't help, but... it was the lack of rug's fault, too.)

Well, here's the solution. Ruggable makes machine washable, stain-resistant, non-toxic, non-slip rugs. They come up to 8'x10' (what we need in our dining room) and are all under $400. They come in a ton of patterns and colors, modern, boho, traditional, kid-colored... so many options.

I found this silver-tan diamond rug and think it adds the perfect amount of modern/global vibes to our otherwise pretty traditional dining room. I love mixing old and new and this room was missing a brighter/lighter, fun, more modern texture without the previous striped rug. I love this rug here (but it would also look great in a bedroom or living room sometime!).

Such a pretty pattern!!

The texture is smooth and soft, and the pad underneath is non-slip but also adds more cushion than a standard rubber pad. Here's a close-up on the unique two-piece system Ruggable has. The top layer can go into the washing machine! It velcros on to the corners, and the pad grips the entire underside so it totally stays in place.

You don't see this view of the dining room much, since it includes my desk which is usually messy and always includes the sticker-covered computer tower Jason built like 8 years ago which I still use. Also, when I shoot this way I have to clean up the living room! :P

But just because I wanted to show the new rug in relation to the rest of the house.. here are a few real-life shots behind the scenes! Baby blur as he ran up to bring me his farm animals puzzle that he loves so much.

I haven't taken photos of this room since we finished the kitchen--now that we have that full depth pantry to the left of this door it is harder to get in there, haha!

I can already tell a difference with this rug just not catching dirt the way the old one did. It's not a ton darker than before, but Ruggable rugs are stain-resistant as well as machine washable... and it shows!!

Ruggable is offering my readers 15% off your ENTIRE order!! Click here and code FUNSUZANNAH15 will automatically be applied at checkout, or paste the code into checkout. Take a look at all their options and think about where you want the ease of a fully washable rug!!

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