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The pretty projects I did in 2023, and my big ideas for 2024

It is very satisfying to look back on what you've done in your home over 12 months. I set goals every year and do a recap of progress too. Usually each goals post includes a depressing photo of the exterior in early January, some interior in-progress shots, and some inspiration photos. The recap posts have exciting before and afters. You get all of the above in this post since I'm combining recap and goals in one this year. Efficient! 

Historic house 2023 project recap

I started the year with almost no energy for projects, and that wasn't a bad thing. After our separation the prior spring and a tumultuous year and holiday season, a year ago I was feeling like I could really be myself, and didn't really have the energy or time for doing a lot around the house. Instead I went on my first warm weather long weekend vacation (Palm Springs in February with a girlfriend); I made major decisions about my life; I made major progress on my resolutions list like learn to make cocktails, get my tattoos removed, and buy golf clubs. But then this fall I got the bug again and have been pretty busy doing little things around the house and sharing about them on Instagram.

In April I wallpapered the dining room. It was a daunting job but I'm so glad I did it!

In June I moved the guest room upstairs and moved my office to the same room, and finished it just in time for the old house show filming. I LOVE having my office here instead of in the dark north-facing room it was in before (here). I'll admit the headboard I recovered looked cooler in the rich dark rust-red-brown room in the basement, but it works here too. :)

In November I painted my bedroom pink. Well, pinky-peachy beige. I made up the color using sample pots and had it color matched at Home Depot. The label is in the post if you're curious! I'm still working on some changes in this room but I'm having a lot more fun with it than before when it was all white and beige.

This fall I also worked on inching my way closer to finished with the basement reno, and shared its current status and total cost here. I just have those really annoying things like paint touch-ups and trim repair left, plus some redecorating and furniture layout changes I want to do.

I also recently finished/revealed my downstairs bathroom--I recently wallpapered it, painted the vanity and replaced the hardware, and replaced the mirror. I still want to update a couple things and then this reminds me I really should blog about it.

2024 DIY house renovation goals

I'm at a wonderful place with this house where it's mostly done. Most of the updates I want to make are based on my taste, not essential foundational tasks for completing this renovation. Although the basement stuff is pretty important.

I want to finish paint touch-ups, patch trim, and move things around to make the basement really feel done. I think I'll have to hire a handyman to clean up and paint the windows since I am intimidated and strapped for time.

I want patterned curtains for the living room. Would make it way more interesting, right!?

I am currently really itching to change some light fixtures in my bedroom and the upstairs hall cause the upstairs hall one lets off so little light! But that's pretty minor. I'll get there.

I also might want to wallpaper something else! The bathroom wallpaper job was so easy and fast, and I love it.

Finally, I am currently fantasizing about making my kitchen more interesting. I wanted a white kitchen for almost 10 years before I got this one, although by the time I got to it I was already thinking maybe sage green or beige... but I just had to have white once in my life! Well, now I've done it, and it's not as great as I thought (at least, not this small, relatively basic kitchen). Painting the cabinets sounds like such a pain, but.... I'm going to think about it for a while in 2024.

Here's the kitchen in 2020:

And some inspo for non-white cabinets but similar countertops and other elements.

Yeah, it's gonna take me quite a few sleeps to get up to that task. But it's a near year, fresh start!

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If you want to see how far this house has come by year... previous year posts:

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