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2023 house project goals

As I mentioned in my 2022 house project recap post, this house is in a good spot and I've learned I need to focus more on myself in 2023. So I have some goals for myself (take 3 fun vacations with friends, get my tattoos removed, learn to make cocktails), and the house stuff will have to fit into the happier lifestyle I'm trying to create for myself. 

Part of that means hiring out some projects when I'm able. Partly that will also mean making small changes when they feel fun, like adding pieces that represent the style I've been working on identifying this past year. 

Fixer upper renovation project goals for 2023


I had this on my list last year but talked myself out of it... I want to paint the brick. I've gone back and forth a lot on this one and it's a harder choice since this is a somewhat historic house (1937), but... the bricks and mortar are not in good shape and cleaning them has not been successful. I need to tuck point/re-mortar in places and then I'd like to have all of the brick painted the same color as the siding. I think it will really clean up the look of the front and give the house a less shabby feel overall.

In the backyard, I hope to get it cleaned up (ended up storing a lot of garden stuff for various reasons) and hopefully remove the garden area, just make it lawn.


Finish the basement!! It's close, but those terrible touch-up type tasks are left, and a couple tricky ones like for the shelf and pegs in the laundry room. The guest room and bathroom are the only finished portions. 

I keep putting quarter round on these lists (it was removed in the living room, dining room, and downstairs hall) and honestly I don't think I'll ever do it, but will plan to hire a handyman to do it before I sell the house. Womp womp.

I have passing thoughts about doing some random color or furniture changes in the house, like painting my bedroom or wallpapering the dining room or getting a new, larger sideboard... a year is a long time, so I might get energy for one of those things sometime. ;) 

I think that's kind of it... wow! After living in fixer uppers since fall of 2016 and working on them basically nonstop, it feels very luxurious to not have any big new projects hanging over me. I'm actually kind of to the point of wanting to redo past projects (like the dining room, or this bathroom which feels so boring now). I talked last year about wanting to identify my style better, and I really think I have. I've been adding more color and pattern and unique, higher quality pieces and it shows! I'd like to continue to do that in small places this year, and don't need whole room renovations to make those little changes. 

For more projects/goals around this house, you can check out previous years:

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