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2022 home project recap

I majorly paused home projects and blogging and Instagramming in 2022 due to an unexpected divorce (hard) and finally learning to take care of myself and choose fun and rest over needless productivity (good). We moved into this house in July of 2018 and have been working on it since, with not a lot of breaks. It's currently very comfortable and adequate, with a few unfinished or under-improved areas, but I am so grateful for it as it is, a wonderful home for me and my children.

I did get several fun projects done this year (somehow), though. Here they are.

2022 Tudor revival home projects

Here's my list of house project goals for 2022. I definitely did not do all of those... but I did a good job of picking the highest priority/most important to me ones.


The biggest deal thing on the exterior this year was replacing the front window. Read about that here. Very expensive, long lead time, kind of sad on an old house, but very much needed! So glad I did that.

I had a large shrub removed from the front corner (blocked the view of the house too much) and planted grass, big improvement. Ugh, watering that grass twice a day all summer was a pain. But it's doing well. Please forgive the very strange quality of this photo... dark, rainy Oregon winter days!

Garden was on my list for 2022, but we basically didn't do anything with the garden this year and I hope to remove it entirely next year and just make it grass. Just plant some tomatoes in pots or something. I love the idea of gardening but it's one of the things I just don't have capacity for these days and that's ok.


The basement was the biggest project we've ever done cost-wise and area-wise (other than a whole house, I guess...). I shared the plans for it here but it's still not done so there's no "after" and budget recap yet. But there are two finished spaces! (And see all the basement posts here.) We did achieve a lot included in the basement reno, like had the earthquake retrofitting done.

I did the bathroom for the spring One Room Challenge. Here it is. It's pretty incredible how this bathroom was created from scratch. 

Next door to that is the guest room, which I did for the fall One Room Challenge. Also created from nothing! It was one corner of a cobwebby old office someone had added in the 60s-80s. This room was recently featured on Apartment Therapy!

Earlier in the year I finished Otto's room.

And then my bedroom. Although since this I've changed the curtains for the better, and am still thinking about what I really want this room to be like!

It wasn't on my project list initially but in April I painted the breakfast nook a cheery color. I love it!

The living room has gone through a lot of changes and this year I really tried to focus on getting it to a good state it could stay in for a long time. I'm very happy with it!

A ton of progress, really. I'll make a list soon for 2023 projects but my focus for this year is really going to be on myself! Grateful for this house and how comfortable it already is, and hoping to spend more of my free time traveling, resting, and being with friends this year.

For more projects/goals around this house, you can check out previous years:

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