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2018 recap - home, baby, and more

I think I said this last year, but... this was a big year! New baby in April, new house in July, lots of work already on the house... we have a lot to be grateful for and proud of this year! I'm sharing a few high points including completed projects in this post!
A before/after already

We started 2018 feeling so discouraged about house-hunting. We had sold our last house planning to buy this one (for sale by owner), but the seller wasn't ready anywhere near our timeline and we were living with my parents, with baby due in a few months. I wanted so badly to have a house of our own!! You can read all the posts about this house, including the saga that led up to us buying it, here.

Also in January, I launched the Your Home Story podcast with Ashley! We did 50 awesome episodes this year and I'm very proud! (Follow us on Instagram here and join our Facebook group here to get feedback from us and other listeners!)

In April we welcomed baby Otto, born straddling his due date. Motherhood has been as amazing as I'd hoped, but way harder than I ever imagined!

In July we closed on this house and made a lot of progress with interior painting. That's about it. (Here's the before photos, and here's the before video tour. See all posts about the house/progress here.) We have lots more to do!!

In August I went back to work. I'm only 3 days/week so I'm home with Otto for long weekends, which is amazing--but it's hard to live a double life and not have enough time for anything I want to do! I guess that's motherhood no matter what, though!

We got the living room and dining room to reasonable states and they're pretty comfortable, though not all the way furnished!

The nursery is coming along, too. (Different angles, but same room! Look at that dark silver ceiling.)

This fall term was one of Jason's toughest at school (physical therapy doctoral program) so we're all still recovering from him being gone and stressed a lot of the time. We're SO looking forward to having a week and a half off together, and then another week with him before he leaves for a clinical rotation 3 hours away for 6 weeks!

In October-November I did the One Room Challenge for our master bedroom. Now we have ONE completed room in this house! It feels good!

We have lots of goals for the house in the next year, and a few projects I can work on without him this winter and spring. Then big stuff this summer. I'll share our projects lists for 2019 next week!

Enjoying this time off together!

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