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Master bedroom makeover budget breakdown

For my final post about my One Room Challenge master bedroom project, I'm sharing my detailed budget spreadsheet and some great finds if you want to get the look! It costs a lot to redo a room all at once... but there are some easy ways to save!

I've done budget breakdowns before, but for our bathrooms and kitchen--projects you expect to be in the thousands, not hundreds. I was a very smart shopper on this bedroom update but I am actually pretty surprised at what the total ended up being!

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If you're new to this project, you can check out the whole story including "before" photos, design ideas, and strategy in this post. This room redo included new window treatments, lighting, layout, and decor.

...well, here goes! Here's what I spent. (I also explained my full list of sources in that same reveal post if you want more detail.)

Master bedroom makeover budget breakdown

DIY bed materials $208.39
Rug $199.00 (I got mine from TJ Maxx online when they had it)
Ceiling light $108.00
Curtains $29.99
Big art: provided by ArtToFrames
Small art: provided by ArtToFrames
Necklace storage $17.50
Jewelry tray $17.50
Lamps $79.98 (similar--I got mine at HomeGoods and can't find them online)
Baskets for nightstands $33.98 (similar)
Organic cotton sheets $48.28
Mattress pad $21.69
Mattress: provided by Lucid
Pillow covers $10.49
Down pillows: already had
Down comforter: already had
Throw pillows $24.99 at Marshall's (sort of similar covers)
End of bed blanket $33
Quilt $80.00
Bench under window: provided by HomePop (buy here)
Big plant $24.99 (mine's from IKEA--similar)
Plant basket: already had
Nightstands $172.00 for both (I had a coupon)
Dressers $319.00 for both (super clearance. Similar)
Shades $168.00 for all three
Curtain rod $14.00
Mirror: already had
Spray paint for mirror $2.00 (basic stuff from Home Depot)
Curtain clips: already had
TOTAL: $1,612.76

It adds up fast! Those are all good prices for those items. No huge splurges (although a new bed and rug aren't ever cheap, unless you find a miraculous estate sale score or something).

Yes, I did have some products sponsored and provided at no cost to me. However I also got a new mattress and replaced literally EVERYTHING in the room--if you're starting with a few pieces that you'll keep, you won't need to buy as many things as I did and it may even out.

I didn't include paint because we did all the painting for the whole house at once back in July. Hence the phased "before" photos in this post.

Some tips for a budget-friendly custom design room makeover

I definitely have some tips for you after going through the One Room Challenge for this project! That combined creating a really perfect custom design for the room and shopping within my means. In the past I've done a lot of thrifting, which I absolutely recommend for furnishing your house--but if you have a very specific design in mind it could take years to find the right pieces that way. Instead, here are my tips for creating your dream space on your time!

  1. As you can see, I found a lot of great pieces at places like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. Those sources are less predictable and pieces sell out, but if you have time and can stalk them you can get some great stuff. I check the TJ Maxx online new arrivals home section pretty regularly!
  2. Shop your home and reuse pieces like baskets and bed pillows from other rooms. I treated myself to new organic cotton sheets and mattress cover, but if you replace those items regularly like I should have been doing all along you might not need to when you also update the decor.
  3. DIY! You can read all about our DIY slipcovered bed project here.
  4. Use coupons for sites like Wayfair and West Elm. You can buy 10-15% off coupons for a lot of retailers like those on eBay for $1-2! Just read the fine print to make sure it's valid for your purchase.
  5. Take your time. Even though I redid this room in 6 weeks, I started shopping months before--checking HomeGoods for lamps whenever I went, watching for sales on a couple rugs I was considering online. If you have to buy everything all at once, you'll have to spend more.
  6. Even though ArtToFrames provided me the frames I got in exchange for sharing about them, they were very budget-friendly for large art. And the photo above the bed is a free download from Unsplash!

A $1,600 custom design complete room refresh is possible!

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