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Holiday mantel/Christmas stocking styling tips

I had some interest in mantel styling tips this year and it's out first Christmas with our big wood mantel, so great timing! I put together some festive fireplace decor and have some ideas for you! Santa comes in ONE WEEK (he comes at night on the 24th, you know) so if you want to dress up your stocking hanging for him you still have some time. ;)

You can even use these tips if you don't have a mantel!

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Here's our Christmas mantel decor this year. Here's what I did, with ideas you can use at home!

Holiday fireplace and stocking styling tips

  1. I swapped out the big black and white photo we've had above the fireplace for a wreath hanging from a ribbon with a big bow. It's this wreath from JoAnn--it's only 22" and I got it to put in front of windows or art, but I kind of liked it plain. You could definitely do a larger wreath above a big fireplace but I think the small scale makes it look different. It's fun to have temporary/new art (-like thing) above that focal point!
  2. I draped two faux noble fir garlands (these) with a strand of Christmas lights. Just wrap it gently so it's not just sitting straight on top of the garlands. (We have three power outlets on top of our mantel so it was easy--if you don't, I suggest using an extension cord close to the color of the wall and using some Command hooks to keep it straight so it's not too visible.)
  3. More bows! I used a lot of this plain grosgrain ribbon (similar) and did four bows since our fireplace is so large and I wanted to offset the bow and wreath in the center. Snip the edges into Vs by folding the ribbon in half the long way and cutting at an angle.
  4. Candlesticks. Despite all the wood in our house I used wood ones here because I love them. Black would also look great (like these). I actually tried adding white taper candles to these but I liked the look better without them! The holders alone have plenty of height. I also added a nutcracker my mom bought me when I was a kid.
  5. I played with how to hang the stockings - for such a wide fireplace and only three, concentrating them in one area looked best. (I linked some similar stockings and options in the slider of products at the bottom of this post.) I love simple stocking holders like these cause they don't get in the way of the other decor and look classic.
  6. With the stockings off-center, the fireplace needed some balance. I stacked presents in a sturdy basket at the corner. Shows them off more than when they're semi-hidden under the tree! Wrapped presents are like free holiday decor--and they can easily match your color scheme!

Here it is!

And here it is without the coffee table in the way (if nothing else because I really need to actually pot that plant).

Save this to your holiday decor pinboard for future!

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