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2019 house project goals for the #StanleyTudorRevived

Last week I shared accomplishments we've had in 2018... this week it's my to-do list for 2019! We haven't been in the same house for a whole calendar year since 2015!!, so this will be a big year!

(Remember you can see the full before tour of this home here, and before video tour here.)

2019 house project goals for the #StanleyTudorRevived


Living room (decor). Our living room layout is tricky and it's under-furnished right now. And, I feel pigeon-holed with our green velvet sofa. That will be changing soon! I'd love to make serious progress on this room this winter/spring.

Dining room (decor). I have some updates planned in January and February that should FINISH this room! (So plain right now.)

Kitchen!!!!! This is #1 on my list of priorities! We're tentatively planning this to start in late May when Jason's school break starts. Hallelujah!!

Finish interior painting. It's on my Christmas list for some elves to come in and finish it all for me (and I think my mom will finish the kitchen trim painting for me!), but we will still have a few spots. Driving me the most crazy are the downstairs hall and basement entry/mudroom area because they have one coat on them and the switchplates removed--we started over the summer but didn't finish. So ugly.

Downstairs bathroom. It's functional but the tiny vanity and random shelves drive me nuts. Plus it was decorated around the time those goose cookie jars were in style--denim blue window trim and floors plus terra cotta pink tiles. Then the next owners replaced the shower with ivory and blue tile and ice cube glass, and speckled glass light fixtures. And then 10+ years later, a high tech looking toilet. This bathroom needs some love.

Quarter round molding. It sounds minor but it would make SUCH a difference to me to have all the quarter round back. The owners before the family we bought the house from had carpet installed on every bit of floor and removed the quarter round in most places. Thankfully the previous owners removed almost all the carpet, but they didn't replace that trim and so we can see a tiny gap down to the subfloor around the edges, and dust gets trapped there and it just looks dirty and unfinished. We'll need to find the right stain and wood, and cutting trim for a whole house is one of my least favorite tasks... but it would be so good and not too expensive.

Removing the last bit of carpet (on the stairs). Once we do the painting in the stairway (very dirty right now from years of use and no handrail), that carpet will look even worse! I'd love to replace it and put a nice runner on the floor. The only upside of that carpet being there is I'm betting the oak floors are in pretty good shape still. (We do need to refinish all the floors in a perfect world, but don't think we'll have the budget or time for that in the next 2-5 years.)


Roof--$$$$. We have three layers of roof on there, including the original shingles, so it'll need new plywood and a lot of disposal. The top layer is from pre-1987 so definitely needs to happen soon.

Exterior painting--also $$$$ because of all the wood windows/trim on the house. But it would look so good to have that done same time as the roof!! Some of the paint on the house is peeling or fading.

More landscaping - some more demo, but hopefully moving dirt around and planting grass so it looks a little more normal and presentable. Also need to just get rid of some old raised beds, buckets, etc. that are still out there.

Well, that's a lot of projects! We'll have to concentrate them to the summer when Jason has 3 months off (aside from watching the baby while I'm at work). But it takes me MONTHS to plan even a bedroom makeover so you betcha I've started mood board-ing and getting quotes for the kitchen already. I'll share my progress and ideas here and on my Instagram!

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