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Home Design Trends for 2019!!

I get so excited for this kind of thing!!
I always love reading articles on trends and predictions, but the past two Januaries for the Your Home Story podcast I've combed through a bunch of them and put together my own list. Big picture home decor trends that we should see in 2019, plus what's supposed to be going out from the past couple years. And since I did this last year, I have last year's summary to look back on, too!

Check out episode 9 for our 2018 home decor trends episode--some predictions that worked out were warm greens (like sage), light wood, and more wood on cabinets and decor elements. However the "going out in 2018" predictions were slower to fade than the experts predicted! Some of those are on this year's list, too!

I consulted these trends articles from MyDomaineApartment TherapyDomino, and Elle Decor, and this slow living style article from HGTV, plus this 2018-going-out article: HGTV. I pulled out trends that I saw in multiple places and/or have seen myself in recent designer and social media influencer projects.

Home Design Trends for 2019

Here are some of the trends I found for 2019! I love some of these!

  • Maximalism: instead of all the white scandinavian minimalism, some more traditional elements, used in a unique and fresh way.
  • Bold primary colors/rich jewel tones.
  • More color in general--"people moving away from the beige minimalism that's really defined the past couple of years"--Apartment Therapy
  • More unique, handmade, environmentally sustainable, natural pieces. I saw this in several places, but here's a good summary quote. "Items made by hand using sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, and clay will be in, in 2019. We see people needing these grounding elements in their homes as a way to feel more in touch with the earth and their roots."--Elle Decor.
  • Light wood floors.
  • Classic kitchens. "...closed cabinetry, fine millwork details, wire mesh door panels, authentic period hardware, and honed surfaces"--Apartment Therapy.
  • Green. Again.
  • Floral wallpaper, mixed patterns.
  • Slow living. Mixing artisinal and organic. Historic character. Clean, welcoming design. Comfort + style, nature. "...elegance of less-is-more. Dark furnishings with Danish modern lines blend seamlessly with the traditional farmhouse architecture"--HGTV.
A fave example of one of these trends--everything by deVOL Kitchens fits the "classic kitchens" trend AT described, plus the slow living, natural elements trend. Here's a great one!

What’s going out in 2019

I think these are harder to predict! It takes longer for the masses to reject a trend (hello, zigzag everything) than it does to adopt because of all the creative DIYers and designers out there who can try out something new very early on. Nevertheless, the experts predict these will go out in 2019:
  • Cool greys (instead: white and warmer neutrals)
  • Boho: "boho-overload. Just because you like houseplants and textural fabrics does not mean you have to go completely boho in your home"--HGTV
  • Shibori, mudcloth, and indigo.
  • Fiber art.
  • Rose gold.
  • Succulents (again).
  • Barn doors. “rustic/farmhouse/upcycled look all together”--HGTV. The same article listed palette furniture and burlap as going out.

We'll share some more of our faves on the @yourhomestorypodcast Instagram! You can also join our Facebook group here, we'd love to hear what you think of these trends!

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