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Moody English-inspired basement guest bedroom REVEAL! + costs and sources

Hooray, my One Room Challenge is done! I 100% did not have time or capacity to do this project (hence the lack of blog posts long the way, unlike how I've done my previous ORCs) but I have to say it turned out great and I'm so glad I did it!!

Moody English-inspired basement guest bedroom

This room is part of my big basement renovation which unfortunately is still not 100% done--though now this room is, as is the bathroom right next to it (my spring One Room Challenge--reveal here). Most of the work in this room was done earlier this year, and a lot of it by the electrician, drywall team, etc. who did the rest of the basement, but still--huge transformation! 

See the before/inspiration post in Week 1 of the ORC here

But still, here's where I started before this ORC.

The main project was recovering the headboard (I chose this fabric from Calico), but I also wanted to do something with this incredible teal fabric and make that unique paint color I was so intrigued by (PPG Safari Brown) make sense. 

Then of course I threw in a few other little projects, like the recovered sconce shades and an attempt to stain the side tables. You can see all my progress and projects in this Instagram story highlight

The windows and walls/orientations were so weird in here, but I found some places for art which adds so much! I also did sconces instead of table lamps since as you can see this room is tiny. That wall is only a little over 8' wide! That is only a full size bed, for maximum maneuverability around it, and a convertible full/queen headboard (most commonly available size).

I did a lot of funky color, pattern, and combinations in here (English-inspired, after all), but I also wanted to keep it feeling fresh and actually very comfortable/luxurious, hence... the rug! It's from Loloi Rugs' Chris Loves Julia line (sponsored) and it's wool. I made a rule for myself a couple years back that I will only purchase natural fiber rugs like wool, cotton, jute, vintage wool, etc. and it makes my home feel so much more intentional and long-lasting. This one is so comfortable underfoot and I love the soft modern, but not too modern, stripe. 

I love the other side of the room, too. I didn't originally intend this room to be an official bedroom when we did the basement reno (hence no egress window) so there's no closet. I looked on Facebook Marketplace for ages for an armoire or something to go here and provide hanging space as well as drawers, but came up short. So I used this extra dresser I had (which was actually in my first ever One Room Challenge, here) and I love the color and again, mix of modern lines with the antique and vintage pieces. 

I definitely wanted to mix patterns in here. Isn't that teal floral/animal fabric incredible? It is from Calico (in partnership for this project) and a wonderful substantial quality linen blend. I made that pillow cover the size of an old large lumbar I must have gotten at HomeGoods years ago. I was picturing that pattern with a French seam and that's what I did!

The headboard is this cotton stripe also from Calico, incredible price point and comes in several great colors. 

In addition to the headboard and pillow, I found this dark blue Kantha quilt on Etsy because two patterns (oh, plus the little check on the sconces) was not enough. It really adds to the layering at the foot of the bed!

Here it is with the sconces on. So cozy! I tested out their placement by sitting on the bed as if I were reading. 

I love this little dark corner. 

Outside this room is the rest of the basement... will be great to get that done someday! This door is actually white on the other side like the rest of the trim in this room but I didn't think to get a shot with it closed. The blue looks great with the pink/red/brown Safari Brown, though! I love how the colors in this basement reno tie together and it doesn't feel at all brand new builder basic, like I was afraid it might with all the new drywall.

I don't have a full budget breakdown for this project like I do for a lot of my ORCs and Room Reveals, for various reasons, but here are a few key pieces and costs:

  • Headboard: free (it was listed for $10 on Facebook Marketplace but the seller was so excited I wanted it she just gave it to me). I'll do a tutorial on recovering it soon!
  • Sconces: $58 for two, plus the fabric, spray adhesive, etc. to recover them (I used this method)
  • Semi-flush mount ceiling light: $24
  • Gold mirror: $5, I think? at an estate sale
  • Kantha quilt: $75
  • Rug: $343 for 8x10 here
  • End tables: $60 for both I think, Facebook Marketplace. I think they're from HomeGoods or some other new mass produced source. I tried to stain them darker with gel stain, only sort of worked!
  • Art: free museum downloads, printed at FedEx, in thrifted frames (I recommend this source for public domain art)

I'm so happy with how this room turned out! Ready for guests!!

For lots more inspiration, definitely check out all the other participants' projects linked from the One Room Challenge blog!

Thanks to Calico and Loloi Rugs for partnering with me on this room!

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