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Wallpaper in the dining room! Just what it needed

 I'm working on the dining room this spring. New chairs, new rug, different gallery wall, working on replacing the dining table and finding a permanent replacement for the chandelier. The dining room was the first room I "finished" in this house in 2018-2019 and aside from changing the rug a couple times and adding to the sideboards, it was still that "modern traditional" look I was doing here at first and not my current style. 

The new chairs, rug, etc. helped but it was still looking really plain. We have the original wood trim in here and I struggle with what paint colors would look good with it, but am also not planning to paint it. So... how to add more interest? Wallpaper!!

Thanks to Brewster for providing this wallpaper for my review.

I have some patterned curtains in here that I love, so wanted either a very small pattern or just a texture that wouldn't compete. I found this sort of grasscloth-ey, super durable, fabric backed vinyl textured wallpaper from Brewster.

It's the "Honey" color and it's a little warmer than several of the other samples I got, but I think it's perfect with the wood tones. I'm very tired of greys lately, anyway. Time for warm beige!

Remember I'm not calling this room done yet... and the living room is currently holding a few extra things, too. ;) But here you can see my antique china (/toy) cabinet and more of the patterned cabinets.

It even looks pretty next to the thermostat. (Thanks for the props for hanging this piece with the base plate for that still installed.)

I installed it all myself and it took a couple weekends, due in part to running out of paste. But it was pretty easy to do in chunks. I also didn't need as much paper since it's just a texture, not a pattern, so didn't need to waste any for the repeats.

I am SO happy with it and it's just what this room needed! 

You can check out all of the patterns Brewster has here and request free samples!

Thanks to Brewster for providing this wallpaper for my review.

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