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I painted my bedroom pink!

I've been wishing for some updates for my bedroom for quite a while now. I felt too lazy to paint but the white walls were getting reeeeally boring. I redid this room from 2021-2022 and called it done here. It was fine, but minimal (just, with antiques). Since that reveal I've gone through a separation and then divorce and now the room is solely mine, so all the more reason for a feminine update!

I'm still working on some big changes in here, but I debated so much over the paint color and ended up mixing it myself and getting it color matched, so wanted to document that here at least! And you can see what a change paint and 2 hours of work on a Sunday did.

Pale peachy pink bedroom makeover

I wanted a pink, except those all felt too pink or blue, but a peach felt too 90's. I wanted really pale, though. Adding color to walls is still relatively new to me (my past few room projects have involved colored walls, but always smaller rooms!) and lighter felt more versatile. I got some muddy pink paint cards and chose two and got sample pots at 50% strength. They were still way more saturated than I wanted! I added white paint I had and played around. I added some warm yellow-brown to the pinks (and more white) and made my own color!

I really didn't mean for it to be so peachy girly, but I really like it!! It's actually most similar to this off-white/beige paint card from my Sherwin-Williams deck, but it looks so different right by the window here than it does throughout the room.

When I brought it into Home Depot to color match, their system said it was very similar to Behr Porcelain Skin. It is, just sliiiiightly pinker. I actually kind of wish sometimes that I'd gone with the slightly less pink choice, but it just looked so tan in the lights of the store, and I wanted a color for sure.

So I went with my custom one, and here's the formula below. I think I'll call it "My parents' laminate countertop from the 90's, at 30%." Ha!

I got some questions on Instagram about why I didn't paint the slopes of the ceiling too. Answer: yes, that is the contemporary designer thing to do, but this is an old house and the sloped parts are heavily textured like the ceiling. It was obviously the intent to have the sloped parts be part of the ceiling. I don't have the budget to re-texture and it would look very weird to me to paint peach on the textured sloped parts as-is. Plus it's a lot more work. I'm happy with it like this and it feels very traditional and appropriate for the house!

Linking curtains, lighting, etc. for the room in the above configuration here.

I'm still playing around with the decor in here and have changed a few things since first painting. In the spirit of adding color, got some beautiful dusty blue linen ruffled bedding and am so tired of those rose art pieces, I just hung that antique painting up on the same nail for now. We'll see.

Links for this version here!

More changes to come for this room!

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