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Our bedroom REVEAL!

Well... I'm calling our bedroom done. We might redo it this spring but I realized it's already pretty complete! I still like a lot of things about it, had to document it here!

It's definitely a modern traditional vibe, plus the charm of our historic home's attic level sloped ceilings and a few funky vintage touches. With a couple last-minute colorful additions, I'm really enjoying it!

Attic primary bedroom makeover

When we moved in, this room had wallpaper and exposed insulation on the back wall. Some weird kind of chip board instead of plaster like the rest of the house on that wall. We had the drywall repaired and painted it white, but that was it for a long time. Here it is the day we got the keys.

We didn't sleep up here for the first couple years we lived here (here's the latest version of our bedroom when we were downstairs). Then when Lucy was born we needed all the bedrooms upstairs so we shuffled everything around. We got a king bed (yay) and bought a few new things, but really this room was just a plain, white, large, sort of empty-feeling room for a while. I've slowly added things in--colored curtains, art, layered rugs, pattern on the sconce shades and pillows, and now chair! And it finally feels fun and a little colorful (hear me out till the end of this post) and done.

This chair sat in our living room for a while, till we rearranged down there. We finally brought it up here after it sat in the downstairs hall for too long... and guess what, having this fun, colorful thing in the corner has made this room feel so much happier!

I've had a couple different art pieces up here on this wall on the other side of the window. I love this tree etching but I think I want it in our dining room now, where I'm planning a big black/white/neutral gallery wall. So midway through shooting these photos...

I hung this antique oil painting up in its place! I impulse bought it at an antique store with my mom a few weeks ago and was thinking of it inspiring the color palette for when we redo this room in the future... but I figured why not now? And it kind of made the room! I love it here and it looks great with all the bedding and colors in here now too!

I've been doing little projects in this room over the past year and I've blogged about all of them so links are below!

So you may wonder what I'm talking about redoing this room... it's lovely as-is. It's fine. I really do enjoy the colors now that we brought the chair and vintage art in, and I still love the block prints. But... it still feels plain. The curtains are drooping (I blame the pleating tape I used), the headboard is not as cool a statement as I'd like, and you may have noticed I didn't share the other side of the room (dresser you can see in the mirror, with Jason's suitcase on it in some shots, ha!, and blank wall on the other side of the bed). I'm dreaming of a muddy pale pinky-peach for the walls, and patterned curtains. I'm thinking of doing this room for the spring One Room Challenge, if I still have the energy after working on our basement reno. But I'm enjoying it a lot more for now!

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