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Best new baby gifts/baby shower gifts

I have a couple of new babies to celebrate this spring and I just love picking out gifts! I shop from baby registries when I have them but sometimes you need a supplemental gift or an extra personal touch. Sharing some ideas I love for useful and thoughtful new baby gifts or baby shower gifts for today's babies!

Forgive the state of that Jellycat bunny--he is actually Otto's from when he was a baby almost 4 years ago!

Best new baby gifts

1. Great newborn toys. These two (NogginRings and Rainbow Glow Rattle) are some Jason learned about at his pediatric physical therapy rotation during PT school and we got for Lucy. They are awesome! More fun for newborns than the toys we had for Otto. You can tell the new mom they're PT-recommended. ;)

2. A beautiful baby blanket. I am in love with these Indian block print quilted blankets from Etsy. We have the turquoise one in Lucy's room and it is so cute and special and different than the mass-produced stuff you find at the big stores! I would seriously buy every color if I could find a use for them. In fact I might buy another one right, now, I see they're on sale... seriously though, for someone whose taste you understand enough of, I highly recommend these as a great soft, comfy, cheerful blanket for stroller walks, snuggling while nursing, etc. (and pretending it's the ocean if you're my 3-year-old).

3. A really nice stuffed animal. We've received several Jellycat stuffed animals as gifts and they are so nice. They're not cheap so you really think about which animal and find a special one for each kid! I think this is an especially great gift for a second or third baby since I know in our family, Otto inherited all the stuffed animals when he was a baby. He has mine, Jason's, Jason's brother's, etc. old ones, plus all the ones family members bought for him. Lucy hardly has any! We got her a big Jellycat bunny for her first birthday she sleeps with now. But I think this is a great newborn gift too since they're so pretty, soft, and cute as nursery decor even before the babies can snuggle them, and you almost always remember who gave you which stuffed animals. 

4. Swaddles (with zippers!) plus flannel receiving blankets, and a link to this video. Put this on the list of things I didn't know as a brand new mom: how to really swaddle. If your new mom gift recipient didn't have zipper swaddles and flannel blankets on her registry, and if you know how useful these can be, throw these in plus that helpful tip about how to use them together. Such a useful hack!!

5. Sweet books. These three are my favorites for new baby, first birthday, etc. book gifts. They're all Montessori-style: realistic, attractive pictures or photos of real babies and things. Everywhere Babies has so many interesting things to look at on each page, and the 100 First Words is just an essential, Otto still loves it, ha!

Hope this is fun and helpful! New moms always appreciate a little gift (along with some takeout!) those first few weeks/months when you come to visit the new baby, and as wonderful as registries are, sometimes it's nice to stray from the list just a bit and bring in a fun surprise. (I should also add I love Babylist for registries. I've used it for both of mine (see this post about how it works).) Enjoy!

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