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I love argyle pillow

I bought this argyle sweater at the Goodwill Outlet because I love argyle, but it totally didn't fit and was sort of faded.  I turned it into a pillow!  It was fun and easy, and I used the ribbing at the bottom as a fold-over sham style closure in the back.  See?
I have been seeing a lot of colorful throw pillows recently and loving them!


  1. Ummm you are amazing! Not only do I love that you converted the argyle sweater, but seriously, that hot pink pillow rocks my world!

  2. Oh, very cozy. Nice way to re-use something you love.

  3. oooooo. I love this! Fabulous idea!!

  4. I think I want to shop at your Goodwill! This is stunning...

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