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Another J.Crew-inspired embellished tee

Today I made another tee based on one of J.Crew's fun tissue knits this winter.  See the original:

Obviously the colors are different, but I took this $2 top from Old Navy, mixed some paint colors and fabric medium together, painted leaves and flowers, and added silk ruffles.

It was really fun to paint the leaves and flowers on!  Not something I usually do.


  1. Anonymous11/22/2009

    i like yours way more!

  2. I agree! Yours is much better!

  3. Ooh, very nice. Good design, good colors... and it looks great on you!

  4. hey Suzannah, your tee looks definitely prettier than the original jcrew. thanx for sharing..will make this soon for myself!

  5. Most of the time I think your creations are equal to the original. This time your take on it, is much more beautiful than the original. Lovely, lovely lovely. I wouldn't have bought the original, I'd take yours home in a heartbeat.



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