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Redoing my decor art

A while ago, I needed art in my bedroom and spray painted some canvases with stencils and masking tape.  I was never crazy about them, and when I made my padded headboard they were hung too low, and long story short, they've been stuck behind our dresser for the past month or so.  Anyway today I pulled them out and re-did them in a better color scheme.  See the before:

So today, I pulled out more of my pistachio spray paint and did a light coat all over the canvases.  I ran out before they were 100% covered, so there is sort of background texture rather than plain pale green, like I started with before.  I like the idea of those multi-canvas art things with 2-4 canvases with the same image spread across them, so I painted a big ivory flower across both, asymmetrically, and stenciled a cute design from my favorite stencil book all over in yellow and shades of grey.


  1. Very nice, artistic approach. Maybe this would also work for one-of-a-kind greeting cards...

  2. Painting a canvas yourself is a pretty cheap way to get some snazzy artwork in your home. I did the same thing in my apartment, sort of, but I've been pondering turning it into a chandelier stencil piece. Lena Corwin's book on printmaking is really inspirational for ideas like these.



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