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Fairytale baby girl nursery reveal! So-called pointy room before, after, and sources

Hooray! I am so excited to finally reveal this room and share all the details! Last December/January, we turned this mysterious paneled extra room off our bedroom into a charming nursery for Lucy, thus creating a 5th bedroom and making enough space for all of us upstairs. It took a while to "finish," but now, it is beautiful!

Fairytale baby girl nursery

Let’s start with the before photos. My guess is that this room was finished out in the 1950s or so, with this wood paneling and dark green linoleum. It has several outlets and a sconce right by the door, and that little diamond-paned casement window. There is crawlspace access, but no closet. I think this room was used as a very large second closet by the previous owners, but it really could be used for anything. Yoga studio, video game room, whatever. Unfortunately there are no vents so we will definitely have to figure out getting air conditioning in here and leaving the door open in the summer. We also use a little space heater in the winter.

We applied some heavy duty Kilz Restoration primer to the paneling because the initial coat of regular primer was not covering up the wood stain. We rolled the first coat of primer and decided that was gonna take too long, so used a sprayer for the rest--really helped with of all of the little cracks! After this paint job I did a whole post on how to paint wood paneling.

We laid a basic click laminate flooring in here, the closest I could find to the standard oak floors we have in the rest of the house. It totally doesn't match but it's fine. We pulled the baseboards off, painted them, and reused them. And the room is just a rectangle. Easiest flooring project we've ever done by far!!

I always pictured this room just being white, but as we got closer to doing it and after my successful foray into colored paneling for our bathroom, I decided color would be SO much more interesting!!

I’m so so glad I chose this beautiful dusty teal color for the walls! I thought about a light, warm pink which is so girly and pretty, but just thought this paneling needed something more… historic? feeling. This color is called Mount Saint Anne, by Benjamin Moore. I had just seen Jenny Komenda use it in her conference rooms with a unique finish (see her Faux Finish highlight) and I just thought it was a beautiful color but also not too saturated, dusty/muted enough for my (previously neutral-heavy) taste. A bit retro, a little girly, works with our "modern traditional" and actually Tudor revival home. I really love it! 

The ceiling and trim are Sherwin-Williams Alabaster, like all the other white walls and trim in the rest of our house. It is a really creamy, warm pale off-white.

Cameo by Lucy. 

All the furniture is from Facebook Marketplace. I got that dresser last summer and painted it (really glad I did that project before I had a newborn around). The paint is called Whisker and it’s a really great quality furniture paint by Schnubs. The rocker is available here, and the crib is a really popular and very budget-friendly classic Jenny Lind crib. I really really love it! I had pictured doing it in black and actually had a bunch of mood boards with pink vintage rugs and a black Jenny Lind crib but Jason said it looks like jail bars so black was vetoed. Ha.

The striped rug is one that I’ve used in our dining room and downstairs bedroom, and even though it is a lot of stripes against the wood paneling I think it is really fun in here! I would actually love to mix even more prints, maybe a more boldly patterned throw pillow or something, but the neutral flatweave rug means that basically anything goes.

The next thing I decided on I knew I wanted to do was a block print covered Roman shade. I hunted for the perfect fabric and found this blue and white leaf one. There are so many beautiful choices out there, you really can’t go wrong with a great block print! This Roman shade is a budget-friendly blackout one and I shared what I think is a genius tutorial for how to do this after it was such a success.

I had a lot of fun with vintage art print downloads for the walls! Rabbits, landscape, and peonies. The bunnies and peonies are from Museum Quality Art, great selection there. I ordered them all printed on lightweight matboard from Mpix and took the glass out of the frames (super easy, affordable way to get digital downloads printed and a vintage oil painting look. You can use code mpix2521 for 25% off your order!). The alphabet print is thrifted.

The room is long and skinny so we haven’t fully fill the space but we do have this cute reading corner with a sheepskin from when I was a baby and some baskets of books and toys. Otto loves to pick out a book to read to Lucy when I put her down for naps or bedtime!

I actually have never been able to find the perfect crib sheet, so this is just a little patterned when I got for Otto years ago. Someday maybe I will find the perfect gingham or a little floral that goes with the block prints. I did get to add this adorable baby quilt from Etsy. I love these things, might have to order another one sometime. Unlike most block print quilts/kanthas it has batting so it’s a little thicker.

There’s no room for a table lamp in here but I absolutely love the shape of this floor lamp! Random Amazon find. The overhead light is kind of a complicated situation, the room only had the sconce on the entry wall so we snaked a cord over with some hooks and cord clips and then I finally got the IKEA rattan pendant shade I had in mind. It’s probably not the absolute coolest, best light fixture I could ever think of for here but because we don’t have an electrical box we are pretty limited and I can’t just buy any old cute standard light fixture. I have been trying to pick up this IKEA one from Click and Collect for like 6 months now so it feels like quite a win so I finally have it!

That about wraps it up. This room is right off our bedroom so it was very convenient and works great for our family right now. It will definitely take some doing to figure out the climate control in here this summer but we have a portable air-conditioning unit that vents to a window that I think will help a lot.

That’s all! Yes, it would’ve been much easier if we had all this before Lucy was born, but it just doesn’t work out that way sometimes. Well, I was nursery is still not finished and he just turned 3… But that’s another story. So happy we have the space for our wonderful 9-month-old!

Thanks to Mpix for providing the beautiful art prints! You can use code mpix2521 for 25% off your order!

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