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11 great patterned jute rugs! Including the one we chose for our office

I’m still designing our One Room Challenge office, but as many good that designers will tell you… start with the rug! The rug is the first thing I chose for the space and I am building the design around it. We actually had a couple debates about it: vintage rug or jute? Softness is important in this room because Lucy is often crawling around here while I work. 

Neither vintage nor jute rugs are super soft… but I also have a goal of only bringing natural fiber rugs into our home. A lot of the inspiration offices I've been looking at lately have vintage rugs in them, but I recently recently purchased another one of those for upstairs, and I just want a bit more variety. Although, I have also recently added a couple of other patterned jute rugs to our home… but I love them! I am excited about creating a cohesive feel of vintage and earthy jute rugs throughout our home. Lauren Liess vibes.

I've always loved stripes and plaids, and I love the extra touch patterns add to a woven jute rug. I’ll share the one I chose for our room, but while I was at it I put together this round-up of really wonderful patterned jute rugs! Some of them are around $200 for an 8' x 10', although they can be more expensive. We’ve had several jute rugs in the past, mixed results, but we own two of the others in the round-up, and I am really happy with the quality.

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Here's an example of how much character a patterned jute rug can add!
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Patterned Jute Rugs

Stripes, plaid, checkerboard, and more... here are my faves! These are great on their own or you can layer another rug (maybe a smaller vintage one, like I did here) on top!

We have rug #3 in our bedroom, I love it so much. It's very densely woven but also flatter than some jute rugs I've had. It doesn't stretch or pull at all, or shed.

We have rug #8 in our dining room. That harlequin pattern is so cool! It comes in a couple other colors, all great.

And the one I chose for our office is... rug #2! We actually ordered it and tested it out for softness before deciding to keep it. We decided it is actually softer than the flat, worn down vintage rugs I like. Plus, I have learned Lucy will spit up on it no matter what it is so I may put a blanket down for her to crawl on regardless, ha.

I think changing the rug from the blue on that's in the office now will really help get the makeover rolling and help me decide on some other things!

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