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Late summer bedroom update and getting our room ready to share with a newborn!

I looooove bedroom decor and shopping for bedding. I'm very happy with the bones of our bedroom (we redid it in the fall 2018 One Room Challenge) but I love to update the bedding, art, plants, etc. regularly/as the seasons change! Plus, with baby girl arriving this month I knew we'd need to move a few things around to make room for not only the bassinet but also a few other things I found essential in the newborn phase with Otto.

This post is sponsored by Joss & Main and contains affiliate links. Joss & Main is celebrating "The Organized Bedroom" this summer!

Modern Traditional Late Summer Bedroom Update

Before I get into the newborn updates... here's our refreshed bedroom!!

Same bed (DIY), nightstands, light fixture, and more from our original bedroom update, and this rug I recently swapped for in here, but all new gorgeous bedding from Joss & Main.

I am a stickler for natural fibers especially for bedding, so I love a 100% cotton quilt and this lightweight linen duvet cover! I also love the color of these cotton velvet throw pillow covers, and the linen embroidered stripe of this lumbar!

I pulled a few things from elsewhere in the house/not being used to update the look a little more... this art is a free download I had framed and I looove this silly little faux fern (my only faux plant, but it looks good everywhere! and is great for this darker corner).

Feeling so good about this room now! Joss & Main bedding and bath sources:

I'll be honest about what's on my nightstand. When Otto was a newborn and I was first breastfeeding (around the clock--he didn't do more than 4-hour stretches of sleep for a long time), I was shocked at how hungry I was in the middle of the night. I had heard before about moms needing snacks by the bedside table and just didn't understand--until I did!! I found it essential to have protein bars and even some dried fruit and peanut butter handy in the middle of the night (and a big cup of water with a straw, of course) for eating while feeding the baby. I'm sure I will again this time, too!

Plus my glasses, and a few other essentials--lip balm, napkins, pacifier, and the Haakaa (a milk saver/mini manual breast pump for helping with milk supply).

Oh, and you can see a hint there above of even more #reallife newborn modifications to this bedroom... I'll show you below, can you spot the difference? ;)

Of course, the big baby swing is back!! I did a ton of research last time and found this bassinet was a great safe, affordable option for a rocking swing sleeper (SNOO alternative) and we'll keep it right here next to our bed for the first few months, probably. You'll also notice the nursing pillow (with this cover)--I found it easiest to keep that next to my bed at night, and move it to the living room during the day, with a newborn. So useful!

So happy with our beautiful updated bedding from Joss & Main and feeling so good about dressing this room up a little despite the baby stuff taking over a corner for a few months. Check out the beautiful, affordable options from Joss & Main for your own space! I'll link all these below!

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