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Home design trends by the decade, and which trends last? 1900-1950

Super interesting when you think about it--how home design trends change over the years and still influence us today. So much is based on what was going on in the world at the time (we're seeing that now with COVID influencing design, even). It's a lot to cover so I'm breaking it down 1900-1950 today...

This week on the Your Home Story podcast we’re talking about home design trends over the years, which ones have stuck and which have totally faded, and how long trends last (part 1, first half of the 20th century). Which ones are you influenced by??
1940s dining room | Val Doone/iStock/Getty Images

Some of the inspirations we chatted about:
  1. Machines for Living In: How Technology Shaped a Century of Interior Design from 99 Percent Invisible
  2. 1912 book 120 Interiors in Colours Designed by Modern Artists
  3. Ashley @thegoldhive has a craftsman home
  4. Home trends for the decade you were born
  5. What the average American house looked like
  6. Trends by the decade
  7. Designing through the decades
  8. Linoleum patterns

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