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Our kitchen Christmas decor and my favorite tradition

This kitchen is making a case for white cabinets still being "in" right now, seriously!! I had so much fun with simple decorations in it for Christmas and it totally goes with my clean but classic living room and dining room decor this year. Take a look to enjoy this new kitchen in this fun season!

Having fun with fresh and faux greenery in this view. That swag above the window is huge and fresh! From our local Home Depot. A garland also looks great over a window!

The little potted tree is from Joann and it does need a better pot (I think I'd like a basket...) but I just fell in love with it when I saw it. Tip: to make faux greenery look more real when using it indoors, choose the kind without the dusting of fake snow. (Real ice and snow melt inside!)

My Santa mugs made it out front and center on our open shelves. Santa mugs are possibly my favorite tradition at Christmas, maybe because it's one I decided to start on my own as an adult... but they're also so cute and classic, and yet go with any style of decor. (Mine are a few years old but here are similar options: one and two.)

I've been dreaming of putting a wreath on this vent hood since we made it. So excited! I used a warm golden brown ribbon instead of red to tie in with the ribbons I used in the living room.

Enjoying having some other cozy elements and colors in here, too. Red, green, and some warm tones... classic! (Our brass cabinet pulls and knobs look great with the holiday decor too!)

One thing I regret when I look back at the pictures of our finished kitchen reno is it's almost too clean. Not enough real-life stuff on the counters! So I didn't move much for these pictures... there's our dish brush in utensil caddy and our paper towels (at least those are on the prettiest paper towel holder.)

Hope you enjoyed! You can read about ALL the sources, DIY projects, and more in this post about our kitchen reno and this post on the budget breakdown. I'll share all some sources below too!

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