Hello! I'm Suzannah, a serious DIYer and mom of two little ones. Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals.
I believe you can love your home just the way it is, AND have the power to design and make big changes to make it better.
I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

Motivation & building skills for DIY home projects

After our long and painful bathroom renovation this fall... I've felt my energy for DIY projects waning. But it's actually Jason (who I used to have to really lobby to get on board) who keeps me going and feeling good about all the hard work we've been doing and still need to do here.

This week’s episode of the Your Home Story podcast is an interview with Jason!, my partner in DIY renovating and all things. He brings lots of insight for aspiring DIYers/home renovators in this one, including:
  • How he learned his DIY skills and got comfortable working on new projects
  • His tips for newbies for scheduling projects and how to deal with unknowns
  • How to get yourself psyched up before starting a project AND how to stay motivated during the toughest parts
  • What makes DIY projects satisfying.

The vanity Jason mentioned installing in our most recent bathroom reno--he shares why this one was a piece of cake! :P

Listen here or in your podcast player!

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