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Our classic Christmas decor and fresh + faux greenery

Holiday decor!! So fun. We're all so ready to see our homes decked out for the holidays already, right?! My holiday decor is almost entirely done (just need to play around in the kitchen!) and our home is feeling so, so festive.

Thanks to Home Depot for partnering with me on our holiday decor this year! I wrote a post for the Home Depot blog about how we chose our real and faux greenery, how we installed it, essential accessories, and more. Please head over and check out the post!

Last year I went with ivory and black decor (see it here). It was nice, but I wanted something a little more... old-fashioned? Warmer? Less minimal? this year. I'm still a little afraid of too much color, but I brought in some coffee-colored satin ribbon, ivory velvet ribbon, and wooden bead garlands that look so good with classic evergreens.

We also want to start making Christmas memorable and special for Otto (see my post about traditions here), so we got him a monogrammed red stocking and are using our red ones, rather than plain ivory.

I love the asymmetrical garland we did on our mantel this year--it's made up of multiple garlands held in place with small clear Command hooks and medium wire Command hooks. We swapped out the old weighted stocking hangers for these genius stocking clips which are so much safer with a toddler around.

You'll see lots of evergreen in our holiday decor--of course!!--but some of it is real and some is faux. We always get a real tree, but rather than cut it down ourselves this year (we just didn't have time with Jason's school schedule) we got a live one at our local Home Depot, along with three 15' long fresh cedar garlands. I mixed in some faux greenery and faux wreaths--see my tips for how to do that in the HD blog post!

We got a new tree topper and these glass ornaments in Smoke--don't worry, I hung the glass ones out of Otto's reach. (Home Depot has a great selection of glass ornaments in tons of colors, love that classic quality look of glass!)

I shared the other essentials we upgraded for our tree on the Home Depot blog post.

I am also super excited that we finally got a chandelier in this room--it's had a cap over the old wiring since we moved in, and sometimes accent lighting is just not enough! Plus, in a room this size, it really adds to the presence and finished-feeling to have a large statement piece hanging in the middle of the room.

More cedar garland and ribbon... just nothing else like it!

We also got this little mini Christmas tree for the dining room and I added another wooden bead garland. (I shared how to make it in the podcast Instagram account stories, saved in Highlights!)

Thanks again to Home Depot for partnering with me on our holiday decor this year! I'd love if you'd head over and check out the post I wrote on their blog!

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