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Consistency in decor/finishes/and more throughout a home

I love this topic!!

Where to be consistent with colors, materials, and styles throughout a home, and when to avoid being matchy-matchy? I couldn’t find many resources about this so I dug into it!

This week on the Your Home Story podcast we're republishing episode 8 from 2018, where we talk about the time and place for consistency versus unique elements, and which pieces you can be consistent with and why. It’s not just paint color and lighting; you can show off your style and make it clear that each room in a house is yours in many ways!

Some examples we talked about:
  1. Ashley’s entryway with door hardware upgrade
  2. The super affordable black door hardware I got for my whole (previous) house: passage knob, privacy knob, hinges
  3. My bamboo blinds (with white curtains)
  4. Ashley’s kitchen sconces with two colors of metal
Example from the master bathroom at our last house: we did black door hardware and brushed gold or black lighting and plumbing in every room, but different tile in all three bathrooms and the kitchen

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