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2019 house project recap - I am shocked!!

This time of year I like to look back at everything we've done since January... this year I can't believe how far we've come. I looked back at my list of house project goals for 2019--WOW. I forgot my living room used to look like that. And my dining room... and my kitchen....

We didn't get everything on that list done (mostly the big, hire-out stuff--roof, exterior painting, etc.) but we did all the very time-intensive projects like the kitchen and our main bathroom, and having those done has made us enjoy our home so much more.

The first project I finished in 2019 was our dining room makeover... mostly cosmetic, but it really needed some attention and more elements like this DIY $20 painted buffet.

Over spring break we removed the carpet on our stairs and painted the upstairs hall. We never got around to replacing the light switches, putting up the handrail, and replacing the ceiling light fixture, but having it painted is a huge update.

Then, starting first week of June I think, we demoed our kitchen and rebuilt it in about 6 weeks! All the details, including tons of DIYs, and budget, are in that post. This was our biggest, most expensive renovation ever and we touched every inch of this room except the window.

Then we finally also finished the stairwell outside the kitchen. Such a difference for the first thing you see when you walk in to look nice!

Then we were really tired. However, we mustered up the energy (me, barely) to demo and rebuild our main bathroom. We removed SO much tile and glass block, and then did so much new tile and built up a wall. Then installed a shower door! Definitely learned some new DIY skills with this project, too. (All tutorials and budget info here.)

Since finishing the bathroom we've been winding down, and we do have a good long to-do list of little things around the house--change a light fixture, install that handrail, etc., which we might do over the Christmas break, but then we also have an exciting new project to do upstairs soon. Then for 2020... well, I owe you another post about that soon!!

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