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3 ways to style windowpane check

I am excited for this trend!! Been seeing it around quite a bit lately and I think it’s one of those patterns that can dominate or make you feel like you don’t need to do anything else to have a an outfit or room look finished--but there are also some great ways to complement that can make you feel really stylish and complete.

3 ways to style windowpane check

These will work for clothing for home decor!

1. Steer into the 80s.

Some of the sweaters I’ve seen in this pattern or have dropped shoulders and mock turtlenecks, and an oversized fit. You can totally picture them with shoulder pads, right? This look is not new, it’s coming back, but it really does look good with gold hoop earrings and high-waisted jeans.

On this one, just don’t overdo it with a statement necklace on top or clear plastic oversized glasses--unless you want to look like you're a high school front desk lady from the 80s. (That’s just when I picture.) This look is actually my favorite because it’s simple and the pattern really gets to stand out on a large canvas.

2. Mix (and stick to) neutrals.

Most of the windowpane checks I’ve seen have been black and white or camel and white. When your statement piece is also a neutral, you may want to add more texture and colors of neutrals to make it interesting. A black and white pillow against a white couch with white walls and a light colored rug can look very stark and modern.

I prefer to see this pattern with some other textured or patterned pillows also in a neutral color. So at least, add a textured soft colored scarf or throw blanket.
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3. Go festive!

Something about plaids and checks! Windowpane, too, just feels so perfect for the holidays when you pair it with red and green or velvet! In sweater form, it’s cozy for an evening holiday dinner, but you can also go a little sleek here and make this a really fun alternative to just a black skirt. Out of velvet blazer and slightly sparkly necklace… So unique and festive!

The pieces: Get the look: Windowpane

Linking some favorite pieces in this pattern for you here!

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