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How to *responsibly* shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

I’m excited for the holidays, but I also get anxious around all of the shopping opportunities this time of year! I am a little bit compulsive about getting the best deal and saving money sometimes, but that means it I can really overthink it and stress out about Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. But, over the past few years I’ve developed some tools that help me get good deals on stuff I want and need, but still keep this time of year festive and fun rather than just stressful.

I do spend more money this time of year than any other, not only on gifts but also on home decor items and clothing for me and Jason. It’s tempting (and really it’s just practical) to wait a couple weeks if you know that there will be a good sale on something coming up. But don’t go crazy about it… And, don’t be irresponsible with your spending and lured by all the retailers' shiny deals.

I’ve put together 5 key tips for how to responsibly shop Black Friday and cyber Monday sales online!
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  1. Make your list beforehand. Common items to go on great Black Friday sales are electronics, toys, cozy winter clothing/slippers/accessories, bigger-ticket kitchen items, home decor, and tools. Favorite items in retailers' "My Favorites" lists or your shopping cart, and if/when they go on sale the prices will update automatically and you can just finish your order. I also track specific retailers... I know from previous years that Old Navy often does 50% off everything, and other places I shop like Abercrombie and Target will also do big sales. I pick out things I might want ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Week to save time and keep me focused on what I actually want--not just what's on the biggest sale!
  2. Make your Christmas gift shopping list beforehand. Wouldn't it feel so good to get your holiday shopping almost entirely done on Thanksgiving weekend, and know you got good prices on everything?! I've never achieved that, but by starting my gift ideas/actually purchased list (I use Google Sheets so I can track how much I'm spending as well) early, I can check the list while looking at BF/CM sales.
  3. Set a budget for Black Friday and Christmas at the same time. Around this time of year I buy gifts but also holiday decor and things I've been holding off buying for me and Jason. Be prepared to spend extra money November and December, and set aside money if you can. Don't forget about those extra non-gift purchases when thinking about your Christmas season budget. 
  4. Set aside time on your calendar for checking purchases off your list so you're not frantically scrolling and trying to type coupon codes from your phone (in bed Thanksgiving night, in the car on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, or when you'd just rather be spending time with family). This used to mean putting "Early Bird sales" on your calendar from 6am-10am on Black Friday... thankfully it's 2019 and you can skip the stores and crowds and fit it in whenever you want--most sales start Thanksgiving Day, and retailers will have some deal or another through Tuesday or Wednesday of Cyber Week.
  5. Don't worry too much. If you miss a sale because you forget to finish an order or check a favorite retailer during Black Friday weekend, don't stress about it. There are tons of sales during the holiday season and you'll probably get a good deal just about any time between now and Christmas. Also, remember, it's not a good deal if you don't need it, so don't over-analyze potential purchases or feel the pull of the sale too much.

Hope these tips are helpful and hope you have a peaceful, productive, anxiety-free shopping season this holiday!

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