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Exterior Christmas decor ideas!

I'm so excited it's almost that time of year!!

Whether you are a seasoned exterior decorator or a newbie in trying to figure out what to do on the exterior of your home for Christmas, you are going to be inspired to just START decorating after tuning into this episode. From mailbox swags to baskets on the front doors, we share plenty of ideas you’ll want to implement. 

Links to things we talked about this week on the Your Home Story podcast:
  1. Free Christmas storage labels to help you get organized
  2. Suzannah’s Color crush on camel
  3. Style This Life shares some beautiful outfit combinations with camel.
  4. Ashley’s 2017 Christmas front porch
  5. Ashley’s 2018 simple Christmas (winter) front porch
  6. @thefoxfamilyden used a blow-up for Halloween
  7. Adding the smallest touch of greenery to your mailbox is super cute.
  8. Decorate your mailbox with a Christmas mailbox swag.
  9. Ashley’s newest view of her front porch

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