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Updates to the pink bedroom (with sources)

Last fall I painted my bedroom a light peachy paint color I concocted myself out of some samples and then had color matched. I had been thinking of doing this for a couple years, but ended up actually doing it around the time my divorce was final (not intentionally a girly single woman choice, but it works!). I was bored of the white (see that version here), but it was also comfortable/I was used to it. Adding color can be scary and sometimes it takes a while to get used to it. I was really not too sure about this color at first but I’ve made a few changes around the room, and now I just love it and it feels so right!

Furniture and Decor to Go with a Pink Bedroom

In addition to wanting color on my bedroom walls, I wanted a fun, unique headboard. I love patterned headboards! I’ve made and recovered my own in the past, but there are more options out there nowadays for affordable custom and The Inside has some great choices of beds and headboards that come in so many fabrics… And I am just in love with this blue floral! Seriously, when I scroll through their options for other furniture to this blue and white is always my favorite. But here it is on this headboard, so cheerful and preppy, but also romantic and goes with the soft, muted wall color.

I played with some different bedding and found that little gingham patterns and stripes of these Heather Tayor Home pillows make me so happy. I mixed them with this adorable scalloped quilt and shams from Annie Selke, and some velvet pillows for the cooler months, which I have now taken off. (That tissue box cover is also Heather Taylor Home. So fun!)

The dresser I had in here before was very functional, but dark and monolithic. I wanted something with a little more character, but didn’t want to go full antique because of the size and ease of use of the newer one. But then this wicker one popped up on Facebook and the seller would even happily deliver it for me with her dad. So it was an impulse purchase, but it’s been great! I think it’s so charming with the vintage Ethan Allen floral chair.

I swapped the vintage rug layered on top of the jute rug around the time I painted the walls, so here’s another opportunity to share about this favorite Etsy store I use for vintage rugs. I’ll link a few favorites that are available now below.

I've realized I love the gold frames and lamps against the light pink. (Check out the post about the pink walls if you want the color for this magical peach I mixed!)

Just so happy with this room I get to relax and rest in every night. I highly recommend making a fun color choice if you're thinking about it!

Linking all the products I can below!

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