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Main bathroom sage green floral wallpaper transformation

I recently made a big change in my main bathroom and it's past time I share it on here. We redid this bathroom in fall 2019 (hardest reno we ever did btw) and afterwards it was... fine. Clean, fresh, not at all offensive. But my style has changed since 2019 and I've been leaning into the traditional and romantic vibes this house does well with, and this bathroom felt so boring. 

I knew adding some wallpaper above the tile, and painting the vanity to match, would totally transform it. I was overwhelmed by the prospect of the project, and choosing a paper, so I sat with this idea for more than a year. Well, I finally did it, and I LOVE it!

Historic home sage green wallpaper bathroom

Ta-da! I chose the Alexandra Sage Green wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper. It's a floral stripe with a 19th century French feel. 

Here's what this bathroom looked like in 2019. Booooring.

But here's what it looked like when we got the keys in 2018... you can probably see why my instinct was to simplify, go for something very clean, calming, timeless. It was a big improvement for sure but I really missed some opportunities for a very cool room.

One of my hangups was, when you wallpaper a room and paint the trim, ideally the trim color is something picked up in the wallpaper. I did NOT want to repaint this warm light grey trim (even though I don't really like grey anymore). I considered a wallpaper that had some of a similar grey in the branches, and had warm pinky-rust plums on it, and would have painted the vanity the plum color. I changed my mind and went with the green which doesn't have any of the grey, but only has a couple colors and doesn't seem to mind grey of a similar tone.

Isn't the vanity color lovely?? I've gotten several questions on Instagram about the paint color and it doesn't have a name as it's just pulled from the wallpaper, but here's the formula below in case you want to replicate it.

I also replaced the hardware with some very affordable, heavy, antique brass ones from Amazon: knobs here, handles are no longer available from same seller but here’s similar and another option more like mine but different seller.

I move a handful of things for photos of this bathroom but gotta keep it real too.

The wallpaper adds so much on the larger areas of what was previously blank wall. (Duh. Most obvious statement about wallpaper ever.)

I love it.

Here's another good before/after from 2018.

That 2019 reno was so much work, and an awful time really, but you can see it was needed! And now I have this canvas for adding little updates like this beautiful wallpaper.

The mirror is from a local antique shop and I think it was $18. I put it in the guest room/office originally but then I kept looking at similar ones for this bathroom and realized I already had this! I wouldn't mind something a little bigger so I'll keep an eye out but for now I really love the color and preppiness.

Cabinet hardware: knobs here, handles are no longer available from same seller but here’s similar and another option more like mine but different seller.

The vanity is no longer available but I found a handful of similar ones I'll link below in a carousel along with the faucet, etc. You can also check out the source list in the 2019 post.

And of course, the wallpaper is Alexandra Sage Green wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper (sponsored for my Instagram posts but not this blog post). 

Hope you feel inspired to add some wallpaper to add some excitement to a "fine" space!

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