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Real home tour! Classic colonial revival with organic and vintage touches

Sharing another Instagram account home tour! I absolutely love Jordan (@house_collected)'s aesthetic. She's updating her 1982 traditional colonial style home (one of my favorite layouts, I love the classics) in Michigan and I have so much fun watching her use slightly funky, patina-ed/rustic/English country pieces in a home with some traditional architectural elements. I just love some of the antique pieces she's brought in, and her daring powder room!

Vintage rustic vibes colonial revival home tour

Take it away, Jordan!

This is our second home and our forever home. Our first home as a couple was a placeholder while I finished my anesthesia training. We moved here prior to having our son Boden knowing we wanted good schools and a bigger home for raising a family. My husband found this listing at 4am we both had to see it right away. We got so lucky to win this home even though there were a few other offers. 

We’ve done mostly aesthetic updates: changing flooring, painting, and addicting built ins and the fireplace. This home already had a bit of character and we just keep layering more and more. 

My favorite projects have been the mauve powder room...

...and the fireplace and built ins in the family room. 

We have fully gutted our master bathroom and that is our current project that may turn into my favorite, fingers crossed! Head on over to my Instagram to follow along with that progress!

(Suzannah again.) I am definitely excited to see that bathroom!

I also just love Jordan's laundry room, with that wall paneling, hook rail, and antique chair. Lovely country feel!

She painted the trim and doors in her hall a beautiful dusty blue color and used my fabric covered shade tutorial on these sconces!

Her kitchen was remodeled in 2015 but she made some key changes that made it fit better with the rest of the home she detailed here, including painting the backsplash and changing the hardware from black to antique brass. One of the most cozy and warm modern white kitchens I've seen!

Thanks so much for sharing your home here, Jordan! Everyone, check out her latest projects and finds on Instagram @house_collected!

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