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2022 house project and design goals!

I’m feeling a lot of energy to start a new year and do exciting new things and projects in our home! I always make a list of goals we have for house projects for the year and the past several years in this fixer upper they have been pretty practical, large things (like new roof, paint the house, etc.), so this is the first year where we’ve done most of that stuff already and I’m really focusing on design. And the basement! 

Other than that we’ve even touched basically every room in the house at least with some white paint, which at the time felt like what it needed to feel like ours. However I’ve been changing and my style is still developing and I’m going for less of a generic, big box, clean slate look and trying to add more color and interest. So I may be repainting some white rooms to another color this year! But even more than that…

2022 house projects goals


1. Yard. We still have some exterior things to finish cleaning up. We made some huge progress on the yard last year, adding grass to areas that are previously bare or weeds, purchased some plants from a local nursery, stuff like that. We need to finish the very front part of our yard facing the street and possibly remove a very large Oregon grape cluster at the front corner that we’ve been debating about since we bought the house.

2. Front porch. Last year I stained the front door over a series of evenings after the kids went to bed but I didn’t do it fast enough to seal it as well before the weather got too cold and dark! And our porch light's broken so I couldn’t do it at night. Anyway I will hopefully seal the front door, and my dad is helping replace the light fixture on the post there, so I should be able to do that one pretty quickly and get the front porch looking better. Also need to power wash.

3. The brick. Last year I had "possibly paint the brick" on my list in January and then at some point I decided not to, but I don’t remember why now… Anyway I’m thinking about doing it again. The brick is not heirloom really, and the mortar is not in good shape so it’s several different colors and has been repaired over the years. Paint (/product for brick) would fix that, but there may be other options that would keep the brick color… I will play with that, but I really hope to have more curb appeal after this year!

4. Garden. As I shared in my 2021 project recap post, we are thinking of doing less with the garden this year. Both of us working and little kids, it was just too much. Although it would be easier to harvest zucchini now that she can walk around by herself and I don’t have to be wearing her!


5. Basement. Design is the first thing on my mind, but I will start with the big stuff because that’s what I’ve done in the past. The biggest project on our list, and that we’ve ever tackled, is finishing our basement. It’s currently mostly unfinished 1,100 SF space with lots of spiders. We’ve decided to make the laundry room a still very utility, but cleaner and nicer, space, plus add a full bathroom ($$$), and drywall everything else so we can have a TV room as well as a flexible office/music/guest/whatever room. We won’t be starting until spring because we have to move all of the stuff out of the basement to the garage and Jason won’t be able to park in the garage anymore and we’re waiting till it stops being so cold for that to be pleasant! This also takes a lot of work and coordination getting quotes. Thankfully we have a friend who’s used small general contractor for several projects and he’s helping a lot, and we will DIY several parts of it ourselves to save money, which will also add time.
I can't bear to share terrifying photos of the basement in its current state but here's our preliminary floor plan.

6. Quarter round. We had our list last year, and for 2019, to install quarter round molding on the ground floor. We purchased the molding (which was probably good given the supply chain issues and price increases for wood!), but it’s still sitting in the box and we need to stain it and then install it. It’s hard when there’s a bunch of furniture in front of it. But I know this project will make a huge difference in the house feel more polished. Dust collects at the edges of the floorboards in a little gap between them and the baseboards and it drives me nuts. We are just not motivated to do it! I hope we find some time this year.

7. Finish Otto's room. It’s very close and has been all year. I want to paint and modify his dresser to give it more of an English country feel, replace his curtains with something more classic, and ideally find him a little antique shelf or something to go where his books are that could also hold little trinkets. I have made a lot of other little change in his room this year that I’m happy with though! Soon I will do a blog post thanking all the little projects and sources.

8. Finish our room. Our bedroom has also been in a state of partially complete all year, and it’s certainly comfortable and livable. But as my style is changing, it is feeling not only boring but just a little neglected. I can’t get out of my mind painting or wallpapering the walls. I’ve been hung up on that before because today, designers would wallpaper or paint the slanted parts of the ceiling as well, but we have really thick texture on those which I guess is part of the old house character, so I would stop the paint at the knee wall and it would bug me that it wasn't following the design rules. But I might not let that stop me and might do it anyway! While I’m at it, I’m thinking I would like new sconces, maybe new headboard, ideally nightstands, maybe replace the bench with something vintage or antique, who knows about the mirror… It turns into a whole thing! So if I get the inspiration I think I will turn this into a project and redo this room.

Some pink bedroom inspiration by Heidi Caillier

9. Color and pattern. I have several other little projects in mind that get at my goals of adding pattern color, and personality to our home, plus a little quaint traditional, nostalgic feel. I’d like to wallpaper our downstairs bathroom above the tile and paint the vanity a fun color. 

I’m also toying with the idea of wallpaper in our kitchen! Crazy, I know. I just feel so white in there. I wish I hadn’t chosen white and gray for everything when we did those two rooms! Also would love to finally replace our breakfast nook table and maybe paint or wallpaper in there, too!

I’d also like to "finish" our living room, and we do have a cool upholstered ottoman on order a used instead of a coffee table, arriving in May. Need to refinish vintage chair I bought, domino effect of doing the basement is we may move the books down there so we may have a blank wall for a piano or kid toy organization or something else that I would like to do in a stylish way. 

Oh, and, if I find an amazing antique dining table I might buy that for the dining room and start redoing things in there too. Jason will probably not be excited about that because that room has been done and fine for a long time! I won’t be aggressive about it, just open to things changing!

10. Defining my style. I guess another goal for the year is I would really like to hone/define my style better. I’ve been reading some of my design books I got for Christmas and thinking about styles. You can look at a room one of them has done until it was theirs. I would like to feel that way a bit more with my house! A broader goal.

Excited to be feeling this energy for our home and projects!

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