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How to make a toddler comforter and duvet cover from a queen!

I am so excited about this project! And it’s so silly and was such simple sewing, but it’s really making me happy. All born out of the need for a toddler size duvet for 1-year-old Lucy. 

I started shopping for a down comforter and cover for Lucy and realized they are all very different sizes across brands so it’s hard to mix-and-match, and there’s not a lot of selection. It’s definitely more work, but I realized I could purchase a queen size comforter and turn it into two: one for Lucy, one for Otto, who until now has been sort of drowning in his twin size comforter. Then when I went to buy the covers, I knew the size would fit if I bought a queen sized cover in a cute pattern and made it into two also! And I found the sweetest little tan gingham that works great for both of their rooms. This is a really great easy sewing project and I’m sharing it step-by-step!

I will share this in two tutorials: how to make a toddler comforter out of a larger one and how to make a toddler duvet cover out of a larger one.

How to make a toddler comforter out of a larger one

You will need:

  • Twin or larger down comforter (if you can, I recommend a cotton cover and 10% down versus just 5%. Here's another)
  • Double fold bias tape (3.5 yards if you’re just going to make one toddler duvet, 7 yards if you’re going to make two, even more if you want to make something else out of the remaining 30" x 90" remnant of comforter)


1. Measure out the desired size and mark with pins. A good size for a toddler comforter is 45" x 60", which works out really well with a 90“ x 90“ queen. Sew two rows of stitching parallel to the baffle stitching on what will be your new edges.

2. Cut along the original seam to separate your 45" x 60" pieces. This way the feathers don’t go everywhere!

3. Make the bias strips for the corner loops by sewing closed about 12" of bias tape. You will be creating three corner loops, preserving only one of the original corners. Cut it into approximately 3" long pieces. 

4. Sew down the corner loops on the finished sides (I just folded my bias tape over at the edge) and sandwich the cut edge with the remaining open bias tape and sew through all three layers.

Here’s a way to do the corners smoothly.

That’s it! Next...

How to make a toddler duvet cover out of a larger one

You will need:

  • One duvet cover (I used this one which comes in several really nice colors of gingham, in queen, 90" x 90" just like my comforter)
  • About 1 yard of twill tape if you're just making one comforter, or double if you're making two
  • If you're making two covers out of one cover, one extra long zipper (I used this upholstery zipper and cut it down to about 40" long)


1. Cut the duvet cover to the desired desired size. I did the same dimensions as I did for my comforter: 45" x 60", leaving a 30" x 16" piece remaining at the bottom of my queen cover. Use the bottom of the cover, with the zipper, as your new bottom, and, while the zipper is closed, cut through it.

2. If you’re turning one duvet cover into two, install the zipper on the side of the cover that does not have the zipper pull. Remove the zipper...

...and install the new one.

3. Right sides together, pin twill tape tabs near the corners, and sew right sides together.

4. Optional, but makes a much nicer finish: serge or zigzag the cut edges. I also clipped the corners.

Super simple, easy, great sewing project! 

I saved a lot of money (queen size bedding isn't more expensive than toddler, and in this case for me was cheaper since it's more available), and this way you have way more options for the color/pattern/style AND can make sure you end up with a duvet and cover that are the same size. 

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