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Real-life minimalist gift guide/gifts for people whose love language is not gifts

I've been into organization, Kon Mari-ing my closet, and not buying more than I need for years, but I've recently been listening to some minimalism podcasts in the parenting realm and gotten inspired again. The holidays can be difficult for a minimalist or someone who really likes to control what we own. 

A great reminder I heard in an interview with Christine Platt, the The Afrominimalist, was that minimalism doesn’t have to connote a 1950’s art movement of black and white. We can love floral wallpaper and antiques, or colorful dresses, or whatever fun aesthetic, and still use minimalist lifestyle principles. (That reminds me, I recommend Cozy Minimalist Home if you want a home decor-focused resource about this.)

For holiday gifting, buying for a minimalist, or buying when you're a minimalist, might mainly mean avoiding trends and gift guides at all and focusing on the person you're buying for. (Example: the air fryers we all were so tempted by around Christmas 2019.) Also no crossover trends/basics like slow cookers or ice cream scoops, because gift recipients probably already have those. But even a minimalist can enjoy receiving thoughtful, nice versions of things that wear out/you have to replace. 

Hard to link and generalize for a wide geographic audience, I also love experiences (winery membership, babysitting, etc.). Linkable and widely available, here are my favorite solid basic, high quality, great gifts for people who only want a few, useful gifts!
  1. On my splurge list is the Waterpik, which replaces single-use floss and flossers. People love them!
  2. Darn Tough socks. My sister-in-law heard told me about these: they come with a LIFETIME guarantee. I've been wearing through my socks way faster than usual since I started working from home when COVID started cause I wear socks around the house all the time. (I've definitely saved money on shoes though, ha!) Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont, Merino wool blends, and super sturdy, high quality for hiking, running, and other settings. Seriously, if they develop a hole or tear/wear, Darn Tough will replace them. Any time. Wow!
  3. Beeswax candles. I shared in this gift guide that I've decided to only buy all natural 100% beeswax candles from here on out for air quality. Candles are a consumable so any gift recipient who uses them regularly could probably use more!
  4. A really great mug that keeps coffee hot. I have this one and use it every. single. day. It's dishwasher safe, and it really does keep my coffee hot for hours.
  5. For parents/close family who don't mind practical gifts, a new nonstick pan is often needed and welcome. You have to replace them every so often when they get scratched. We're on our second one of these and love it. (I actually just saw it linked in this NYT review of the Always pan, which they deemed not worth the hype. They recommend a basic like this instead!)
  6. Favorite local or specialty foods. Jason LOVES this hot sauce. Apparently the roasted garlic is the best one. He was so excited when I got him a couple bottles of this one year, and is planning on giving a local hot sauce brand he loves as gifts to a couple brothers-in-law this year.
  7. Really great suede and shearling slippers. I love these because they're so affordable and great quality. I'm still wearing mine from last year, Jason too. Oh, they're so great. Fluffy and soft and warm, and they never get a bad foot smell cause they're all natural, not polyester faux fur. 

On my personal list: coffee table books, beeswax candles, and babysitting coupons. That's it. I shared the books I'm excited about in this post/homebody gift guide!

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