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One more project finished: flagstone path

Took us all summer so we won’t really get to enjoy it until next spring, but we are really excited to have our flagstone path completed in the backyard. We’ve made so many changes to the backyard since we moved in, it’s hard to remember what was here before… But it wasn’t a clear path. We had these great big flat flagstone pavers extending from the patio (which used to be covered in a deck), and then a few random pavers by the gate, I guess. Our vision for our backyard was connecting the patio to the gazebo and to the gate with a path.

We were stumped as to how to create triangular shaped pavers that would make this line to the gazebo, and considered some DIY poured concrete options, but eventually decided probably it would be best to just match (or try to match) the existing pavers.

This is totally a DIY-able project (dig out, lay sand, put pavers on top), but we are at capacity right now and decided we would never get to this one if we were stuck on doing it ourselves. So we had a contact for some affordable labor and hired it out. He also helped us find pavers that mostly matched. That was a big hurdle, actually, to even getting started.

The pavers are from this local place and unfortunately they don’t match completely. He got the largest pieces that they had and put the flattest sides up, but it’s still a little different. I think with time they will blend in better. The pavers themselves were the most expensive part: $800! That’s actually a lot more than I was hoping to spend. We may be could’ve found something else at a more wholesale place… But again the issues with having a truck to transport, having time to go look at them and pick them out individually, etc.

Here's the transformation of the path from the patio/big pavers to the gazebo...

And here's the path by our tomatoes/garage, from the big pavers to the side gate (sorry, the before and after are from opposite sides).

We are very excited to no longer have empty sand pits here (which we had for a year and a half or two because we didn’t get to the path last summer). This was on our list of 2021 house projects, hooray for checking off one more thing!

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