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A very authentic design-loving homebody gift guide: what's on my list this year!

Gift guide season! This time of year you'll see a lot of gift guide posts, on blogs everywhere. I've produced them in the past too, in ways I think I can add value. I’m not going to be a "one-stop resource for everyone on your list" like some great websites and blogs out there, and as most of you know this is not my full-time job so I don’t have the time to put in to creating a bunch of gift guides and monetizable posts that someone might shop from. I also can’t share too many of the gifts I’m actually buying because my family reads this blog! 

So this year I'm scaling it back and I’m going to keep it really authentic: this post is looks like a gift guide but is honestly the most genuine one I could share: it’s all for me! My Christmas list is simple this year. For the reason I started blogging in the first place (I get excited about things and like to tell other people!) I'm sharing it here and I hope it is helpful! 

Defining myself in one short phrase… Mom of young kids, homebody, interior design lover, a little bit crunchy/appreciating natural products. Right? If you know anyone else like me and are looking for gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Interior design, all natural, homebody holiday gift guide 2021

I've shared before how excited I am about coffee table books as gifts. I have a new list of them this time of year, as my decor style has been shifting more traditional.

I also learned when we took our 10th wedding anniversary trip (first overnight away from the kids) that babysitting and time away to ourselves are so valuable and important for our happiness. So not on the list but on my list I'm sharing with my family: babysitting coupons!!

  1. Pure beeswax candles. This brand is highly rated (look for 100% beeswax!) and these come in several colors. I bought a cheaper brand blend before and was very disappointed! 
  2. The Great American House: Tradition for the Way We Live Now: From way back in 2012, this is a respected book by architect Gil Schaefer, whose work really is timeless!
  3. Feels Like Home: Relaxed Interiors for a Meaningful Life: Lauren's latest book that just came out. I can't wait to see these projects!
  4. Another 100% beeswax candle that looks good, this versatile pillar candle.
  5. Perfect English Style: "Some styles of decorating have a longer shelf life than others. One of the most durable is what has come to be known as English Country Style, which works just as well in a city apartment or suburban home as it does in a rectory or manor house." Just came out earlier this year. Feels fresh and also so classic and comfortable. 
  6. The best slippers. These are real leather and lined with real shearling. I've owned a couple pairs of these after trying other brands in the past, and these are hands-down the best! They're super warm and soft, and never develop a funny foot smell. And I can't believe the price! They sell out, though, so order early in the holiday season! They come in several colors, and a slide-on style. They also come in men's, which I've bought for Jason before and he also loves. 
  7. Visions of Home: Timeless Design, Modern Sensibility: Big variety of projects by architecture firm Historical Concepts. Beautiful! Just came out this year.
  8. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating: A favorite, Lauren Liess's 2015 book. I've read it from the library before; really should have bought it long ago!
  9. British Designers At Home: Inside the homes of 20+ British interior designers. I love seeing real homes, and learning more about this style!

Hope this is helpful and hope you have fun shopping this year!

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