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Our holiday home tour!

Happy holidays!! Our home is decked out for the season and we're all enjoying it!!

I kind of went all-out last year (for me, relatively) and I know this year I'd have to scale back a little due to having a newborn. We have even more on our plates than I'd figured (cascading renovations/projects after completing our upstairs bathroom last month) and are limited on shopping due to stay-at-home orders. However, this is the first year Otto really knows what's going on, and so far he loooooves Christmas. 

So we're a little less festive than last year, but I'm really happy with what I was able to do! Here comes a practical, no-frills, not-just-for-show tour. I cleaned up, but not a ton. This is how we are really living this season!

Tudor revival historic home Christmas home tour

First of all, welcome! This is the view from the front door. We have a big window on the front of the house and we've tried the tree in a couple different places but love it in this corner.

This year we got a Nordmann fir from a local tree farm. It has more room between the branches so the ornaments don't feel so crowded. I added some jewel toned colored ornaments this year, and tied ribbons on in knots. I'm going with burgundy as an accent (mostly ribbon) but it goes well with the vintage rug we have by the front window all the time.

Next to the tree is the fireplace. We just mounted the TV above it a couple weeks ago! It's a little high and close to the couch, but after 2.5 years of playing around with other layouts, we've determined was the best option for this room. I'm happy I was able to make the mantel pretty and festive despite the big black plastic thing above it.

I doubled up on faux garlands, which I lighted, and added burgundy ribbon bows. The garland is a couple years old but this one is very similar.

Got to add a fourth stocking this year! I ordered it here and it's really great quality, lined and everything.

My wrapping paper organizer is overflowing and I don't like a lot of it, so I'm using the pretty wrapping papers as decor this year and put them in this basket along with some ribbon. Otto's been enjoying playing with the tubes sometimes, too!

On the other side of the room are our bookcases. I added a couple festive things there but really they are as filled as ever with Jason's books, toys for Otto, and functional things like phone chargers and remotes. Real life house over here.

Our living room is open to the dining room. And, note the bright red peeping out of the bathroom through the hall there--I even added some holiday touches there, scroll down for that.

No cedar garland on the arches like last year--hard to acquire without leaving the house, and I don't have the energy/kid-free time to prepare them (soak, Wilt Pruf). Maybe next year. Instead, a little faux mistletoe ball is cute at the top of the arch!

The dining room is also a little festive, with a mini tree with some Scandinavian straw ornaments.

I also hung this mini-wreath on this art. It's so versatile, I kinda wish I had a bunch cause they go anywhere! (See it last year in our kitchen here.) There's some burgundy ribbon again. I love it.

Now through the hall to the bathroom. I've never decorated a bathroom for the holidays before but changing out the eucalyptus vase for this mini tree and adding a bow were SO easy and it's really fun and festive to look at! (See this bathroom reno here.)

There you have it! So special to share the holidays with 2.5-year-old Otto this year, and so grateful for our cozy home.

Sharing holiday pieces here, and check out my Shop My House page for other sources!

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