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Living room update: new layout and rug!

A couple months back I realized I had never "finished" or shared the latest on our living room. I cleaned it up, put some fresh branches on the mantle, and took these photos. But the process made me think about improvements we could still make. This room has evolved over time, not been an all-at-once decor effort like the other rooms we've finished in this house. 

I started really questioning some big elements of the room--the layout, for one, and the rug (also huge!)! I still have a few things to tweak, but we've changed those two big elements and are loving it more already!

Note: this post is not sponsored, but I did an Instagram collaboration with Loloi Rugs and they provided me this rug.

Modern traditional living room rug and layout changes

I shared in this post that while the rug we had in here before was really cool, it was too colorful for me with all the warm wood trim and floors in here. It read as pink, which was quite a statement for me and my fear of color. :P

My thoughts were, maybe we should rotate the couch so we don't have such a huge expanse of rug showing (our coffee table is too small/wrong orientation for this loooong, skinny room), OR maybe we should get a new rug so I don't mind seeing so much of it! Well, we did both.

I needed something a little more neutral. I found this one and loved the soft tan/beige and vintage rug look, and few bits of blue in it that pick up on the blue pillows we've had for a while.
We don't have an open floor plan by any means, but we do have a nice big arch between the dining room and living room. Still enjoying and getting used to this new view!

Don't mind the empty, unstyled coffee table and end table. It's just not practical for us to keep anything on them (other than those safety bumpers!).

Toy basket on the other side. I did clear a few larger toys from the room before these pics and it felt a little empty!

The only other new thing I bought is this cute black end table. It's sold out but I linked some similar ones below. I love the antique-ey spool detail on the legs!

We may make even more changes soon--I'm thinking about finally getting some sconces for either side of the mantel, and the other big change is we might put the TV somewhere else and move our bookcases from the far wall to where the TV dresser is now. The couch doesn't face it anymore, but even when it did it was far away and awkward. Still playing with it but loving the changes so far!

Linking everything I can below! You can also see all sources for our home here, and read about the DIY matching chairs here and IKEA sofa slipcover here.

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