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Spring bedroom update! Linen sheets, striped rug, and more

We "finished" our bedroom in fall 2018 here--custom DIY slipcovered bed, window coverings, cool light fixture, matching nightstands and lamps, vintage-look rug... and then I did some rich textural wintery updates here. I love bedroom decor and am always excited for a seasonal update. I upped the quality of the pieces I brought in this time, too. And guess what, I am more in love with this room now than ever!!

Thanks to Magic Linen for providing our linen sheets and cotton blanket!

This update started with the bedding. I've been a white bedding person for YEARS but it's really not working out for me. No matter the quality or weave, white cotton sheets always yellow for us relatively quickly and I haven't found a way to refresh them well enough. So I 'm making a big change--natural-colored linen!! I love the soft beige and layering in different neutrals, plus they feel amazing!!

These linen sheets and cotton blanket are from Magic Linen, a European company that makes everything you could possibly want for your home out of linen and has the most incredible colors. Every single one is dreamy - I got a swatch pack before choosing Natural and have been drooling over all of them.

They are so soft and comfortable to sleep on right off the bat! They have a soft, lived-in look already, too, so I don't have to worry about pressing them to keep them looking crisp.

I layered with our white textured comforter cover and added the a queen-sized cotton waffle weave blanket at the foot of the bed. TIP: A standard 50"x60" throw is not sufficient at the end of a bed. You need a blanket that's the size of the bed it's on, even for a throw or extra cover that is mostly decorative. It just looks wimpy otherwise!

The art above the bed is by Melissa Critchlow, a Pacific Northwest artist who reached out to me on Instagram and provided this print (Over the Moor). Most of her art are landscape paintings of the Pacific Northwest and Scotland where she has spent time. The moody, natural scenes are so lovely and peaceful for a bedroom. I framed this one in an 11"x17" frame that matted the art smaller, but I didn't use the mat to get more of an original oil painting look.

Another important upgrade I did is these curtains. I hung one pair of IKEA Ritva curtains when we first did the room, but they were tiny and barely covered the windows when closed. They just looked sad. I added a second pair in January but finally got around to sewing them together, hemming them to the right length, and adding pinch pleat hooks to give them pleats.

Now they're wide enough (each panel is about 100", typical for double-width curtains) and they look nice and full around this super wide window.

Oh, and the rug!! Possibly my favorite part! I loooove this rug, which I originally bought for our dining room, but we moved it out of there during our kitchen reno and now have a different, washable one there. I thought this striped one would be great in a bedroom. And it so is!! I love having the lighter color compared to the blue one we had before, and I love feeling real wool underfoot. Plus, more soft neutrals to layer with!

I'm so happy with our springy bedroom update!

Linking as many products as I can below, and you can see the original room reveal post for more links including the DIY slipcovered bed tutorial.

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