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What to expect when replacing a roof

As you may know from my Instagram stories or updates I've shared on the Your Home Story Podcast, we just had our roof replaced. Yikes. It was quite expensive, but very necessary! I have lots to share about how why we knew we needed it replaced, why we knew it'd be expensive, why we did it even though we might sell in a few years, how we went about it...

Sharing it all this week on the podcast! Roof replacement sounds expensive, slow, and scary. I just went through the process on my historic home’s 3-layered roof with lots of pitch changes and valleys, and it was a little complicated, but I'm breaking it down to demystify the roof replacing process. From getting bids to choosing colors to living with a roof under construction, and more!

Pic of the finished roof, but don't judge--exterior painting and replacing the gutters are next on the list, still a work in progress over here! (You can see all the before photos of our fixer upper home here.)

Here’s the shingle company, colors, and gallery I chose from (I went with Driftwood).

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