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20 week pregnancy update and gender reveal!!!!

Halfway through!! Such an exciting milestone (I am so happy to be pregnant but at the same time, not enjoying every minute of it! :P), and we (finally!!) had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday and found out the baby's gender!

20 weeks, second trimester update

The bump is showing, the maternity jeans and yoga pants are all in rotation, but I'm still wearing normal tops and just feeling a little awkward most of the time. Due to the COVID-19 isolation measures, I've been working from home the past 2 weeks and haven't had to dress my funny-sized bump for the office (it was getting weird--could people tell I was pregnant? Plus I was very limited in office clothing that fit).

The best part is I can feel baby kicks every night laying on the couch or in bed, and after I move around a lot like when I do yoga. We've been taking a lot of walks and I've been doing some PT exercises, yoga, occasional at-home workout (hard to find the time, though thankfully I do have the energy usually) and the morning sickness is basically gone. (Thank goodness!!!) I think it was almost exactly the same as last time, though not as severe--weeks 5-16 or so I had to eat constantly to keep from feeling nauseous but nothing sounded or tasted good, and felt so tired especially in the beginning. Man, that first trimester and beginning of second are rough.

Anyway pregnancy symptoms now? Hair has stopped falling out, but nails aren't as thick as last pregnancy yet. I have spider veins on my left lower leg--that happened last time, too, and most of them went away after. Such a weird symptom. It can be a symptom of a bigger issue (deep vein thrombosis) depending on how they feel, but I don't feel them, just see them. I expect my ankles will start getting really puffy again soon, too.

I think my bump is about the same size now as it was with my first pregnancy at 20 weeks. Actually, I can compare, sort of... pic on the left was taken at 21 weeks with Otto, and pic on the right was at 19.5 weeks with baby #2. I guess I was actually a little bigger the first time?!
~20 weeks pregnant, pregnancy 1 vs. 2!

At my appointment yesterday everything looked totally normal on the ultrasound. The tech told me when to look away since I wanted to learn the gender when I got home and could find out with Jason.

Baby #2 gender reveal!

She put the label on the ultrasound pic that clearly revealed the gender, and covered with a "Congratulations!" sticky note, in a card, in a sealed envelope, just in case. Jason and I opened it together (with a squirming, impatient toddler in our arms)...

We're having a....


We're very excited. We've always thought it would be great to have "one of each," but I was hoping for a girl the first time because I'd always pictured a baby/my baby as being a girl. Then we had Otto and loved him so much, and now my vision of a tiny newborn (and bigger baby, and toddler) is a little boy! I have several friends who have two or three boys close in age and I think their relationships can be so special too, so I was feeling like I would be happy no matter what the gender of baby #2 was. But we're very excited to have a baby girl and get a few (not too many) girlier things, try out a girl name, raise a girl... expecting a baby is an exciting time no matter what, though, right?!

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