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Current obsession & eye candy: caning

This post may seem a little frivolous given everything that's going on right now--I am aware of that. But, it seems everyone wants a little creative escape sometimes and I have some really beautiful eye candy to share!

I've been seeing this trend (caning on furniture) around a while, in high-end design as well as DIYs and IKEA hacks. But now there are affordable options to get this look in your home, and I'm sharing some favorite inspirations for how to do it!

Caned Furniture Inspiration

First, just the most gorgeous image for you. This home by Amber Interiors is a gorgeous, rich mix of modern and traditional, with beautiful colors and layering. I love every shot of this dining room!
Image Source

I also love this 60's retro bentwood chair in a dining nook like this one by Katie Hodges Design (see on Martha Stewart here). (Caned furniture dates way, way back--you can read this article about the history of caning and caned furniture--but a lot of vintage and retro midcentury pieces feature it!)
Image Source

These chairs (you can buy a similar one here) also look lovely in a home office, like this one by @jyoungdesignhouse--he moves these around his chic apartment and they look great everywhere!
Image Source

Erin @kismet_house recently added some caned chairs to her dining room, too, they really add something!
Image Source

I love the texture, natural color/material, and contrast with black or white of caned pieces. I pulled some of my favorite products (some under $100!) here!

This wide accent chair is possibly my favorite. I would love a place to use those!! Not too beachy in the natural, just a little retro. This daybed is also dreamy... guest room, maybe? Or little girl's room of course! I had to include two daybeds since I love them both so much. This funky, statement black caned accent chair is also SO cool--my home stylist friend @eclectic_home_staging has two of these and uses them in her more traditional home (see here) and more midcentury modern homes.

Hope you're feeling inspired!

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