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Pro tips on indoor gardening!

Curious about seed starting or indoor gardening in general?

On this week's episode of the Your Home Story Podcast, we have Tracey from @thefakefarmgirl explaining exactly how to get good germination, what type of light works for seed starting, and what plants are the easiest to grow.

Specifically, we covered:
  1. All types of seed starting supplies including: trays with covers, lights, and growing mat.
  2. The key to knowing when to transplant is knowing your growing zone.
  3. Rosemary and lavender are easier herbs to grow indoors.
  4. If you want a good laugh, check out the “Matter Baby” highlight in Tracey’s IG.
  5. Get a walk-through of exactly what Tracey does and a look at her setup in her “Seed” stories on IG.

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