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The quick fix DIY project - when to do it, when to wait!

This is such an interesting topic!! We've all seen, with the rise of Pinterest and DIY home accounts on Instagram and blogs, the "$100 update challenge" or other quick, cheap fix to a dated bathroom or home feature. Sometimes there's no harm in that--covering up 90's laminate countertops or spray painting a cheap brass chandelier. But sometimes these fixes can damage materials that might be valuable to someone else, and those temporary coatings don't always last. When is it worth it to save up and do a project right?

That's what we're talking about on the Your Home Story podcast this week. We see both sides!!
From our kitchen reno

We considered doing a "quick fix" to our kitchen in this house--paint the cabinets and add hardware, cover the countertops, just paint and change lighting... tune in to the episode to hear why we went for the full reno instead!

Resources mentioned:
  1. Dear Alice Podcast
  2. Nicole Bach @makingitlovely thread on Twitter that inspired this episode
  3. Making It Lovely blog
  4. Ashley’s experience with short term design decisions:
    1. Modernizing stair railings
    2. Patio umbrella
    3. Gold aligator
  5. My spray paint projects (including mypopular breakfast nook light fixture and painting my brass fireplace screen)
  6. My post on replacing door knobs and hinges

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