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A custom beautiful, functional playroom design

With Otto getting older, keeping his toys and play area looking nice is definitely on my mind. We don't have a "playroom" in this house, and I actually have mixed feelings about them... more room to get messy, right?! But it would be nice to have all the super kid-ey stuff in one place.

Well, I got an opportunity to design a dreamy playroom--complete with storage, a great rug, fun kid-friendly design pieces--and it turned out so beautiful, too!

Wayfair asked me to put together pieces from their playroom products (and beyond) and I looked for inspiration for kids' spaces that are beautiful as well as kid-friendly. Here are a few faves:
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(You can see all my fave kids' rooms and follow along with me on Pinterest here!)

Beautiful, functional playroom design

Here's the design I came up with! A little boho, a little modern traditional, only a tiny bit girly so it would work for any kid. Just add toys! (And organize them neatly in the baskets and toy chest!)


The rug is very important for a play space. I have a new personal goal for my home: natural fiber rugs only. They wear SO much better than poly, clean better, smell better, look way more intentional and high-end... even for a kid's room I would go with cotton, jute, or wool. However, I'd stick with a flatweave so small toys don't get stuck in the pile. This cool wool one is perfect because it's already tan/off-white so it won't show much wear, it has cute patterns woven into it, and it comes in a ton of sizes so you aren't stuck with only 5x8 or 8x10. (We have a 6x9 cotton one in Otto's room and it was hard to find!, but is the only size that works!)

Kid stuff

I also added some strictly kid/play things like the teepee and 2-sided easel. Oh, and that table/stool set? How cute is that?! So much more attractive than the plastic-ey or standard painted wood ones but still so cute for kids. (Also that teepee is only $44!) I also love the little house-shaped bookcase that is still so tasteful.

Comfy seating

For older kids (or parents), I found the most attractive beanbag chair that has ever been created (right!?): this lounger that fits small adults or larger kids well. I would totally buy two of those on the spot if I had older kids watching TV or playing video games in a playroom! Or one if I had a playroom and wanted a comfy seat for myself while Otto plays! It doesn't take up too much space, also, so is a great choice in a smaller room.


Finally, the decorative stuff. I love this paint by numbers ship art so much and it is so cute and fun for a kid's room or playroom!! Plus it was time to add some color into this mostly-neutral design. I also added color with throw pillows (this one comes in multiple beautiful colors, and a similar one here with even more options). I also love a woven light fixture but they can be tricky on standard 8-9' ceilings, when not over a bed or table (we tried one in Otto's room but it was way too tall!). I found this drum-shaped one that is perfect, though!

Wayfair put together this table of all the products in my collage, check them out and Favorite or save for your playroom/toy storage!!

Hope you're feeling inspired that a kids' space can be functional for kids and a room you're proud to have in your home!

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